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Nov 4, 2022

Ways to Prepare your Toddler for a New Baby Sibling

Are you excited to be a parent again? Congratulations! The good news is knocking on your door with Preganews! What can be more beautiful than experiencing the beautiful journey of parenthood again? Yes, you must be happy to hear this amazing news, but you might be thinking about how to prepare the toddler for a new baby sibling! Don't worry; with some tips, your little one will be prepared to welcome his/her baby brother or sister. Preganews promises to be a helping hand throughout your pregnancy. We are here with some special tips and strategies that will help you to prepare your toddler to welcome their sibling into this world.

During Pregnancy

Your best bet would be to prepare your family and toddler before the new baby comes into this world.

Share the good news!

You have to understand your due date and start preparing your firstborn for newborn. Mostly Kids under 5 years old, ask so many questions like "when will the baby arrive" or from where the baby will come and many more. You need to answer their questions with answers like, "the baby will come soon when the weather gets warm” and “the baby is inside the belly.” Let your first baby’s questions be a guide for you.

Remind your toddler that they were an infant once

When you are looking at your toddler's clothes when they were an infant and want to use your toddler’s clothes for your new baby, you must make sure to pull out the baby books or photo albums. That shows your toddler that once they were an infant and were so cute .and it will be so exciting to have an infant once more in the house.

Keep some focus on your toddler.

Young kids are pampered and self-centred. This means they are still in the learning phase! They are still thinking about their place in this world. So, as a good parent, you have to feed your little munchkin's mind by having a conversation with them, that they will be the best sibling in the world and the family requires their help. If you are decorating the newborn baby's room, you must also decorate your older child's room; this will make them feel special.

Before the birth and at the hospital

When is your due date? You have to be sure that you prepare the toddler for the newborn before your due date arrives.

Make your toddler experience the Real thing.

You will be lucky if you get to know that someone has had a baby recently in your family. This will help your toddler play the role of big brother or big sister for some hours. Ask your little one if they can hold or feed the newborn. If you don't know anyone with a baby, you can take help from educators. They have true-to-life dolls that will help your little one feel that they will soon be holding their baby brother or sister in their arms.

After delivery of the Baby

Once your baby gets delivered! You have to follow the below strategy:

Visitor # 1

Let your first baby meet the new baby first. And keep this beautiful meeting private so that your child will react in a good way. The first time your child might get emotional to watch their little sibling, you must watch what your toddler is feeling. Once other family members arrive, make sure your toddler goes for a walk with your relative or a snack for a while. Keep your toddler away from the crowd.

Focus on both the Kids

Sometimes your newborn needs more attention but you have to make sure that you give equal time to both the babies. Encourage the visitors to talk to the older kids about their friends, school, activities, etc. It will make them feel special. Some kids welcome their little siblings with open arms, and some might have some problems. So try to encourage them to come up with their feelings. This will prepare your toddler.

Key Takeaway

We understand Pregnancy for the second time comes with some challenges; you have to take care of your toddler and your unborn at the same time! The purpose of this blog is to lend help to second-time parents about how they can prepare their toddlers for the little baby.


How do I prepare my 2 ½ year old for a new baby?

For instance, in a few weeks, you are going to have a new baby; you can help your toddler to welcome a new baby by taking the following steps:

      Allow your toddler to pick out the gift for the little one.

      Please don't hold your newborn for long, do not make your older kid feel neglected.    

      Check your older one's mood and then introduce the good news to them. Tell them about new baby sibling arriving soon. 

      After getting back from the hospital, greet your older one first.

How can I help my toddler adjust to a new baby?

It might be possible that your toddler is too excited to welcome a new baby, but their behavior might change after the baby's birth. So as a parent, what can you do? Give special jobs to your toddler like :

  1. Ask them to help you while bathing the baby, gently pat the baby's back, or talk to the baby softly.
  2. Ask your toddler's advice; “What should your little sibling wear, a yellow or pink dress?” Let them participate in the process.
  3. Place your newborn in your toddler's lap. Make them feel the baby is their own.

Through this, you can adjust your toddler to adjust with a new baby.

How do I prepare my child for a new baby?

It is pretty easy to prepare your child for a new baby by reading stories and telling them about their role. Read stories in which your toddler will be a big brother or big sister soon. Ask them if it would be so interesting when they will have the little baby in their arms. Make a family picture, and then introduce your toddler to a new baby that will arrive soon in this world. Even though you can spend some quality time with your toddler, it will make them feel special that you are their mommy and the baby's mommy.

Do toddlers get jealous of their new baby?

Yes, toddlers' jealousy is normal. The toddlers are too excited and happy to welcome the new baby into this world. But once the baby arrives and the baby gets special treatment and spotlight, toddlers get jealous.

How do I introduce my 2-year-old to my new baby?

Yes, you must introduce your 2 years to their sibling in the most beautiful way. Ask your toddler about their opinion about what the baby wants to say when they cry and which blanket will be given to the baby. Take photos of your toddler with the little one. Give the gift to your toddler from the baby's side; this would help break the ice during the first meet-up.


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