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Feb 20, 2019

Things to Ignore when you’re pregnant

As you take the Prega News pregnancy test and a positive result appears; a surge of emotions take over. From happiness to anxiety, you feel emotions that you never knew you were capable of. Then comes the part where you have to share this happiness with others. Sharing the news is all smiles and balloons until comes the scary advises and questions. Trust me, when you’re pregnant everyone feels the need to ask you questions that leave you stressed. So, we have compiled a list of questions and advises you should ignore when pregnant.


1. So, when are you leaving your job?

This questions comes up even before the symptoms of pregnancy appear. Everybody just assumes that you’re going to leave your job and stay at home now. Don’t let people’s expectations get the best of you. Leaving or continuing should be your decision.

2. You should relax.

You will get it more often that you can imagine. You understand the importance of some rest better than others. But, relaxing is not that easy when you’re pregnant so, shut these advices and do it at your pace.

3. Be happy! You’re going to be a mother.

No, you need to embrace your emotions. A lot of women don’t feel happy throughout their pregnancy. Accepting the hormonal, physical and emotional changes take time. So, don’t let anyone make you feel bad about not being happy all the time.

4. Are you scared? *a scary pregnancy story follows*

You do not need to worry more than you already do. Scary pregnancy stories are inevitable. The best you can do is to turn a deaf ear and keep yourself away from all the negativity.

5. You should start eating for two.

Eat as much as you like. But, don’t be pressured to double your appetite. A growing baby only needs 350 additional calories. The key to a healthy pregnancy is staying fit.

6. Your social life will end when the baby arrives.  

A baby is not the end of your social life. You can still have fun and enjoy your life the way you want. Do not listen to people who say so.


These were few things that you should turn a deaf ear to. When you are pregnant; you just need to take the whole journey as it flows. We wish you a happy and safe pregnancy!

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