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Oct 12, 2021

Summer skincare tips for pregnant women

Summer skincare tips for pregnant women

Well, summer is here and the heat will take a toll on your skin unless you take care of it. If you are pregnant as well then you have your work cut out as your skin will need extra care and attention. 


How do summers affect your skin?

Summers can ravage your skin unless you take good care of it. Some of the common problems faced during the hot months of the year can be:


Sun Tan

Constant exposure to the sun during summer causes sun tanning. In severe cases, it can cause burning and redness on the skin with itching. 


Oily skin and excess sweating

In summers, the body tends to sweat more to lower the body temperature. The sebaceous glands release more oil to keep the skin moisturized. However, the oil and the dead skin combine to clog pores and lead to acne and pimples.


Dry frizzy hair combined with the sticky scalp

You would have noticed that hair tends to become dry, brittle and frizzy during the summer months. On the other hand, the scalp becomes sticky due to excessive sweating


Photo allergic reaction

Overexposure to the sun can lead to a photo-allergic reaction which causes body tanning, pigmentation and patchy skin on the exposed areas of the body.

Dealing with these during pregnancy is important else the skin can suffer considerable damage. So let us look at some preventive skin care measures during summer for pregnant women.


Pregnancy causes hormonal changes in a woman’s body. Usually, in the first-trimester skin problems like dull skin, acne and hair fall get addressed naturally and the skin starts glowing, However, this is not mandatory for all women. The hormonal changes can cause dry skin, pigmentation and acne in some cases. They can and should be treated during pregnancy.


Some women suffer from pigmentation due to increased sensitivity of the skin and dark patches can develop around the neck and armpits. Pregnant women are prone to hyperpigmentation due to excess production of melanin that can appear in the form of dark patches near your forehead, upper lips and cheekbones. 


During pregnancy, the line that runs vertically down our abdomen tends to become brownish due to hyperpigmentation. Usually, this returns to its normal colour after the baby is born. The inevitable problem that all women face is the appearance of stretch marks as the skin stretches to make room for the baby. Skin is fairly elastic but the overstretching causes the collagen and elastin fibres in the tissue to snap leading to these stretch marks. 


Now that you know what you are in for let us look at some of the preventive measures you can adopt during pregnancy. 

  • Avoid the sun as much as possible at least during the peak afternoon

  • Use a sunscreen with SPF of 30 or above and touch it up every 2-3 hours
  • Wear sunglasses and a hat if needed 
  • Your skin tends to be extra sensitive to the sun during pregnancy
  • Use cocoa butter or any other good moisturizer to prevent/ diminish stretch marks.
  • Keep yourself well hydrated
  • Load up on non-sticky moisturizer as your skill will tend to become drier in summer
  • Switch to shaving instead of waxing for hair removal during pregnancy
  • Though waxing is not unsafe it may be more painful due to extra sensitive skin
  • Avoid hair removal creams as they may irritate the skin
  • One simple facial a month is fine but ensure you do not go for any heat treatment
  • Do not sign up for new skin treatments like Botox fillers, lasers and chemical peels without consulting your Obs-Gyn.
  • Do not forego your daily skincare routine; continue to use your cleanser, sunscreen and moisturizer.
  • Avoid using night repair cream especially if it contains retinoids or salicylic acid. Prolonged use can cause birth defects in babies.
  • Isotretinoin which is an active ingredient in acne treatments is another strict no when you are trying to conceive. It can upset your menstrual cycle making it difficult to conceive and also lead to birth defects.
  • Benzoyl peroxide and Clindamycin which are common ingredients for acne treatment are also best avoided even if you have a sudden breakout of acne. You are better using mild topicals that contain glycolic acid which will heal the acne while keeping you safe.
  • You can consider using a Vitamin C serum for your face for brightening purposes. It is a safe antioxidant that can be used during pregnancy as it helps in tissue repair, healing, keeping your skin healthy and glowing.


Home remedies for summer skin problems during pregnancy


Home remedies are the safest to use for summer skincare problems during pregnancy. They have no side effects and will leave your skin glowing and refreshed. 

Itchy Skin - Many pregnant women suffer from itchy skin during summer. Aloe vera gel, almond oil and coconut oil can do wonders for itchy skin and help to keep it soft and hydrated. If you need short term relief you can apply calamine lotion or thin slices of cucumber on the affected areas.


Stretch Marks - Almost every pregnant lady faces this problem due to the stretching of the skin to accommodate the baby. You can use natural remedies to diminish the stretch marks on the stomach and breast areas. You can start using coconut oil, olive oil, aloe vera gel or cocoa butter early in your pregnancy to handle the stretch marks. They can work wonders for you.


Dry, chapped skin - Not everyone is lucky to be blessed with a pregnancy glow. Some need to cope with dry chapped skin and hair fall during pregnancy. Cream and wheat germ oil work like magic on dry skin and you can see a noticeable difference. Wheat germ oil which is rich in fatty acids can be used on your nipples to prevent chapping.


Pigmentation and Dark Circles - Pregnancy brings hormonal changes to the body which cause pigmentation on cheeks, forehead and sometimes in armpits leaving dark patches. To reduce the severity, a simple home remedy is to mix lemon juice with cucumber juice and apply it to the dark spots a few times daily. A honey oat mask can be used as a scrub followed by turmeric and raw milk mask to lighten the spots. Turmeric is a godsend for acne-prone skin. Mixing turmeric with curd can help to reduce marks as well as provide a clear complexion.


What skincare should I use during pregnancy? 

You should follow a simple cleansing and moisturizing routine every day. Keep your make -up light. Ensure that you are happy and hydrated. Eat a nutritious diet and follow the dos and don’ts. Do not use any chemicals as that could affect your baby. It is always safer to go for natural remedies during this phase. Simple things like turmeric, gram flour, cucumber, coconut oil, milk, curd, aloe vera gel etc can act like the wonder ingredients for your skin. 


Pregnancy fills a woman with happiness from inside which is the secret to her radiance. Not everyone manages to keep the skiing glowing throughout pregnancy simply because the hormones behave differently in each body. What you can do to keep the skin glowing is to have a daily moisturizing routine to keep the skin supple and hydrated. Drink plenty of fluids. Avoid junk or fried food. Stick to natural treatments and dump everything that has chemicals.


How can I survive summer while pregnant?

Well, since the pregnancy lasts for nine months, you will have to face the summer in one of the trimesters unless you are lucky to conceive just after peak summer and deliver at the end of spring. It is best to stay indoors and avoid going out in the sun especially during the afternoons. Wearing sunscreen with SPF greater than 30 is a must. Drink plenty of fluids and stay hydrated. Keep the food light and nutritious to avoid feeling bloated. Stay happy and cheerful and before you realize summer will be over.


What should a pregnant woman eat in summer?

What you eat is what you feel. The summer heat may make you feel uncomfortable but you can beat it by consuming fresh fruits and vegetables that pack a load of nutrients for you and the baby. Green leafy vegetables like spinach do a world of good and so do broccoli, tomatoes and zucchini. Watermelons are wonder fruits that leave you blissfully hydrated. You can have boiled eggs for your supply of protein. Yoghurt, Cucumber and Mint are other cool options that are perfect for the summer.


Once you hold the Prega News test in your hands and see those two pink lines, you are ready for the most exciting journey of your life. Remember, pregnancy lasts only for nine months but the joy of bringing a healthy human into the world lasts a lifetime. If you eat healthily, be active and maintain a good skincare routine, you can manage this wonderfully.


A little bit of nausea, tiredness and a bloated feeling is par for the course and that should not worry you. Eating right and staying hydrated are the mantras to prevent constipation and other issues and give your skin that healthy glow which pregnancy is supposed to bring. Whatever happens, the sunscreen should remain your faithful companion throughout the summer. So, go ahead, relax and beat the summer heat while you wait for your precious little one to arrive.




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