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Nov 27, 2018

5 Ways For Perfect Hair During Pregnancy

Long, luscious hair is what every woman dreams of. Pregnancy, on the other hand, does have a tendency to leave a bit of negativity during this period. From hair falling out to weak locks, pregnancy can take its toll on your hair. But Prega News, India’s best pregnancy test, is here to turn the tables around.

Within this pregnancy guide for better hair, you will find some tips and tricks which could save you pulling your hair out quite literally.


Needless to say, we believe that you should stay away from all kinds of hair product that has chemicals in them. This means that you say a big NO-NO to hair color, harmful conditioners, hair straightening lotion etc. The chemicals present in these hair products will leave your hair looking dull and weak.


Of course, following a pregnancy diet helps as well. You must remember that sticking to eating healthy food leads to longer, stronger hair irrespective of the fact that you may be pregnant. Make sure you have essential vitamins such as Vitamin E, C, B-Vitamins etc. for better growth and fuller looking hair.


One of the important things to consider during pregnancy care is to lead a stress-free life. Keeping your mind at ease, indulging in things that you love to have a direct correlation with how your hair grows or weakens. Maintaining a calm head will positively affect your hair and your mood as well. Plus, it has a better impact on the growth of your baby as well.


We all love brushing our hair in the morning to get those nasty knots out and to untangle our hair. It’s just that some of us are a bit rough with our hair. Try and remember that during this time, your hair should be treated with extreme care unless you want to shed all over. Use a wide tooth comb or perhaps a soft brush with gentle bristles always.


Finally, you should stay away from chopping your hair off. We know that long locks can get frustrating at times and rather than taking care of it, chopping it off is the easier way out. Avoid doing this. If you feel the need, just head for a trim as this helps your hair maintain a steady growth rate and remain healthier.

We hope some of these tips and tricks will help you maintain a healthy head of hair and good-looking locks. There are a couple of pregnancy tips here that should help with your pregnancy diet as well.

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