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Dec 12, 2020

#PregaNewsMeansGoodNews - Anushka Joins the Prega News Family

As the Prega News kit gives the good news to millions of women across the country, every day we celebrate and be thankful for the joy we bring to our customers. Those two little pink lines bring such immense happiness to the woman and her family - and before you know it, life changes for the better.

Every pregnancy journey and motherhood is a unique experience, close to one’s heart. But no matter where you are or what you are doing - the moment you see the two pink lines, the joy is unparalleled. And with the Prega News kit, which is a home pregnancy test kit, you can get this good news in just 5 minutes. The Prega News test result is also very accurate and ensures that you get the right result, without having to wait too long. And if you’re wondering how to use prega news, it’s very simple and you can read all about it on the Prega News product page.

When it comes to being pregnant or a new mom, there’s no end to surprises you encounter. Remember all the times, mom said you would find out one day? Well, pregnancy and motherhood, often bring back those sweet memories. Isn’t it wonderful how you reflect on the days gone by and fondly remember all those conversations with your mom, the moment you see those two pink lines?

In our latest video, we proudly welcome none other than the very talented and beautiful Anushka Sharma to the Prega News family. And in this video, she shares her #PregaNewsMeansGoodNews moment with everyone. She also shares a special message about how our moms always got it right. Watch the video below to know her story!


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