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Jan 13, 2022

How to keep yourself occupied during pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a beautiful time in a woman’s life - a stage where you nourish and grow your baby in your womb and watch as the wonders of nature take place. It is a phase to be enjoyed and celebrated. However, when you’re done with all the doctor visits and other essentials, how do you wait till the time you meet your little one? Well, the Prega News kit isn’t just for your pregnancy test - we also understand this beautiful phase and here are some things that you may find useful to keep yourself occupied during this period.

Indoor Activities for Pregnant Women

Depending on the weather, mood and other variables, there are times when you would want some fun and relaxing things to do indoors. You can check these out:

  Indulge in some me-time: Before you know it, your days and nights will be filled with baby-duties and cuddle times, so enjoy the me-time during your pregnancy. You could try self-care routines like a nice bath, meditation, a hair care routine, enjoying a cup of your favourite tea or just taking a nap - the possibilities are endless.

  Organize and make space for baby: You know all the unused things that you stacked away for later use but never used? Yes, it’s time to de-clutter, organize and make space for the little one in your home. You can go one step further and even baby-proof your house to keep it safe when the little one starts crawling or walking.

  Binge-watch favourite shows: It’s time to go back to that big list of things-to-watch and actually watch them - why not take this time to catch up on your favourite shows or watch the movies you have always wanted to?

  Experiment in the kitchen: You can learn to make all the things you’re craving for and try out those saved recipes on your list - cooking is fun, relaxing and you get to eat delicious food!

Outdoor Activities for Pregnant Women

When the sun’s out or you’re feeling up for it, there are many outdoor activities that you can try out during pregnancy. Take a look!

  Gardening: Another de-stressing activity that you can enjoy! Some light gardening like an herb garden or simply summer flowers can bring you much joy and help you start a new hobby.

  Plan a date night: Before the baby comes, you can take the time to enjoy the ‘couple’ days and bond on a date night - this could be the new restaurant, catching a movie or a play - pick things that you enjoy as a couple.

  Take a walk: Walking is a beneficial exercise for both body and mind - you can take a walk around the block or explore the new park in your neighborhood and maybe even make some new friends!

  Plan a picnic: If you’re feeling energetic, you can also plan a picnic or organize a potluck lunch in the park with all your friends.

Singular Activities for Pregnant Women

There are times when you would want to enjoy your own company during pregnancy. So here are some ways to do just that:

  Reading: Whether it’s your favourite book, a thriller novel, an online article or even a blog on parenting - you can always find something that you enjoy!

  Solving puzzles: Riddles or simple puzzles like jigsaw can really help de-stress and can be a good activity during your alone time.

  Letters to baby: When you look back on these days, there are so many things you experienced and so many things you wished for your baby - wouldn’t it be nice to write it all down for your baby to read one day?

  Work on a birth plan: If you’re in your third trimester, this would be an ideal time to come up with a birth plan - you can consult your doctor and your partner and make one that suits everyone!

Group Activities for Pregnant Women

You can also try out some group or small group activities that can greatly help during pregnancy:

  Decorating your nursery: Whether it’s painting or simply rearranging furniture, you can have a fun time with friends while decorating your nursery.

●  Shopping: A day of shopping for baby and mommy supplies with your girlfriends can be super fun and relaxing.

  Join a prenatal class: From birthing classes to prenatal yoga - there are many group exercise/knowledge sharing classes for moms-to-be that you can sign up for!

  Have a baby shower: Nothing like a good, fun baby shower with games and delicious food to bond with all your friends! While you’re at it, you can also throw in a maternity photoshoot to capture the fun side of pregnancy.

Now that we have listed all the amazing ways to stay occupied during pregnancy, tell us in the comments below, which one are you going to try out?


What are the different activities for each trimester?

While there are many activities for each trimester, simple exercises like walking, swimming or prenatal yoga are considered safe for all trimesters.

Which self-care product should I choose?

There are many different things to choose from and it depends on your needs - it could be a skin or hair care kit, a sleeping pillow or even comfortable maternity wear!

What should be there in my go-to hospital bag?


Apart from personal hygiene products, you should also keep clothes for yourself and your newborn. Your go-to hospital bag should also have all the birth plan, prescribed medications, post-birth essentials, snacks and some other things. 


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