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Nov 20, 2020

Why Celebrating #SundayIsMomDay Is The Best Way Forward


Moms do so much and more for us, don’t they? Whether it’s eating right in pregnancy to feeding us the right things as we grow up - moms make sure we always get the best in every aspect of our lives. Simply thinking about all that they did to ensure that we safely arrived in the world - is so overwhelming! And of course, it was never easy, putting up with the lot of us, was it?

Being picky about tiffin boxes, getting the craftwork done, banking on her for ensuring outdoor safety when stepping out, running to her for the band-aid, turning to her for the homework, being particular about her puja during our exams, filling out forms and even ranting about heartbreak - not a moment goes by when we don’t need her call out to her for something or the other.

But what about her moments? Apart from ours, there are other voices calling out to her as well. Whether they have work commitments or not, one can easily see how home chores and duties by themselves can get overwhelming. She is a mother, a sister, a wife, a daughter, a daughter-in-law, along with probably being other things like an employee, a mentor, a teacher and the list could go on. And no matter how many hats she dons, she does it all with the biggest smile on her face. Isn’t that a remarkable feat? After all, it’s a mom’s life and it’s never easy.

And if that was anything less praiseworthy, the pandemic came on cue and changed our lives as we knew it. But it also brought out the superhero in our mothers - one that we knew about but rarely acknowledged to this degree. In the unprecedented times, our mothers took on the responsibility of the household - from shopping to wrapping up, never letting her work slip - headphone meetings and homework and also went the extra mile to ensure everyone's safety and good health.

In such times, one can only look back and be amazed at all that she does. And while she makes things so much easier for us, would it be so difficult for us to manage things on our own every once in a while? Wondering how to do that?

Prega News urges you and your family to celebrate #SundayIsMomDay and let the moms have a weekly day to themselves just for themselves as we put on her hat for a day. Motherhood is a wonderful journey and for all that moms do for us, we just need to say #ThankYouMom with a simple gesture. Watch our video below, to find out more.


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