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Aug 29, 2022

Tips to ease morning sickness during the first trimester!

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So, all the would-be Mothers, who are in their first trimester, how are you feeling? You must be enjoying this period. Yes, we know pregnancy comes with difficulties, but here we have tips for your morning sickness. These tips will make your motherhood journey easy and beautiful.

 What is morning sickness? When does it start?


 During the first trimester of pregnancy, around two/third or half of all pregnant women face the problem of morning sickness. The main symptom is vomiting and nausea. Hence as its name suggests, morning sickness during pregnancy gets worse early in the day or sometimes at night. But, in most cases, this problem does not cause harm to the mother and baby. But in case, women are facing dehydration problems or weight loss during their first trimester, they need medical help.  In most women morning sickness starts from the 4th week of pregnancy and ends in the 12th or 14th week.

Some women feel that morning sickness can threaten their unborn’s life, because it causes retching and vomiting. It puts a strain on the abdominal muscles and leads to soreness and aching. Don't worry ladies, your fetus is perfectly fine.

Morning sickness symptoms

Symptoms of morning sickness in early pregnancy include nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, and psychological effects, like anxiety and depression. In the first-trimester unrelenting morning sickness can affect your health, working conditions, and socializing. Even, if you are thinking negatively, morning sickness will affect you worse.

Causes of Morning sickness

Ladies, you are super strong, but you might not know the real reason for your morning sickness. Here we list out some causes:

 The real cause of morning sickness is still not clear. In all probabilities,  it may be caused due to the rise in pregnancy hormones like, estrogen or (Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). Or it can be caused due to low-sugar levels. Other causes are: overtiring, eating certain foods, stress, sensitivity to motion, etc. Stress is the main reason for morning sickness. If you are taking undue stress due to your work, or any other reason, it will give you morning sickness in your first trimester.

Morning sickness remedies:

Here are some effective remedies

                Eat sweet biscuits early in the morning, before you get out of your bed.

        ●        Don't intake any drugs without taking a prescription from your doctor. During pregnancy, you must intake medicines prescribed by your doctor and avoid self medication.

        Do not intake food, which can lead to nausea.

        Try to take small meals after regular intervals. An empty stomach can cause vomiting and nausea.

        Drink more fluids, like diluted fruit juice, lemonade, ginger tea, cordial,clear soup, etc. If you cannot take any of these liquids, try to suck ice cubes.

        Wear loose clothes that make your abdomen relax.

        You must take proper rest.

        Try to take vitamin B6 supplements but not more than 200 mg per day (Check with your doctor)

        You must take your doctor’s advice. And, try to apply acupuncture and acupressure on the wrist.

 Food to cure morning sickness:

 There are some food options available that can cure morning sickness:

        Almond milk

        Soups, shakes, and smoothies

        Herbal teas


        Citrus food

        Peppermint candies

        Easy to digest solids in blended form

Have you felt morning sickness symptoms? If “yes” mommies, the above food is a must to add to your pregnancy diet.  After eating the above food, you can say goodbye to nausea and show your morning sickness, who is the real boss. The above nutritious food is healthy for you and for your unborn. You must have a nutritious diet and take small meals.

People also ask ( FAQ)

How long does morning sickness last in the first trimester?

Women in their first-trimester experience nausea and vomiting, during the morning and sometimes at night time, this is called morning sickness. And the problem starts when you are 9 weeks or fewer weeks pregnant. The morning sickness almost lasts up to 14 weeks of pregnancy. But in some cases, it lasts for more weeks or even months.

What fruit is good for morning sickness?

You must add some delicious and healthy fruits to your diet like pears, bananas, citrus fruit, and cold apple sauce. Carbohydrates are true buddies at the time of morning sickness. You can have fruit potassium and baked potatoes. So, if you have not added fruits to your diet, you must add them and get rid of morning sickness.

Do bananas help with nausea?

Yes, ladies, bananas work like magic. It gives you the strength to fight your nausea. Bananas are a good source of vitamins and energy. It helps women during their nausea and helps them out by reducing the level of potassium which gets increased due to continuous vomiting. So, ladies, you must intake bananas, as it is good for your unborn. If you are on a healthy diet, your baby will be healthy.

What to eat after vomiting during pregnancy at night?

After vomiting, the stomach gets empty during pregnancy at night. The best diet is “BRAT” (Bananas, rice, applesauce, toast, and tea). The BRAT diet is good to have at night as it contains low fats and is easy to digest. You must take more and more proteins, like snacks, such as seeds, beans, nuts, dairy, nut butter, etc. Stay hydrated during the night by intaking fluids, water, etc. Undoubtedly, BRAT is known to be the best diet for pregnant ladies.

What drinks are good for morning sickness?

Dehydration causes lots of problems! If you are pregnant and facing morning sickness, then you must take lots of fluids. You can have lots of water, ginger ale and electrolyte drinks. Ginger ale is not a perfect option for hydration as water or other sports drinks.But still, Ginger ale is counted as a fluid that you can intake as it can settle your stomach with ginger and carbonation. We recommend you take 8 servings of fluids per day. The more liquids you will take, the more energetic you will feel and can do your work easily.

Final Healthy Tips

 Yes, it’s tough during the first trimester! Some women feel queasy and some feel sick enough to stay in bed. This is morning sickness. But yes, the above tips will assure you that you are not alone, Prega News is there in your motherhood journey. You must take lots and lots of fluid and the right diet during your 9 months. Yes, we know it’s not easy to face morning sickness during pregnancy, but with a few precautions and home remedies, you can ease your life. So, Mothers to be, it’s to enjoy this blessed period of your life by following the above tips.

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