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Jan 13, 2022

Things to consider for a pre-baby vacation

When you miss your period, you know it’s time to take the Prega News pregnancy test to check for the good news. Ensure that you read the instructions on the Prega News kit before taking the Prega News pregnancy test, to get accurate results. When you spot the two pink lines on the Prega News pregnancy test, you know that you’re starting a new chapter. As soon as you enter the second trimester, and all the morning sickness is gone, it’s time to plan something exciting.

With your baby arriving soon, you may want to take a babymoon vacation with your partner to relax. Babymoon vacation is increasingly becoming a popular notion among expecting couples as it gives them some much needed break. It’s also a nice way to reconnect with your partner. So what are some things to consider while taking a pre-baby vacation? Well, the Prega News kit is not just for your result, we also take pride in holding your hand as we guide you on this journey.

Tips to Travel in Pregnancy

There are certain things one has to keep in mind before hopping onto the plane, train or car and taking that babymoon vacation. Your body is undergoing many changes during pregnancy to grow and nourish your baby. Thus, it’s important to check up on some things and keep certain things in mind while planning a vacation.

●  Doctor consultation: It’s always best to run the idea by your doctor to check if it’s okay to travel during this period. Airlines often have restrictions on how far along you can be till you’re allowed to fly. Depending on your choice of place, mode of transport and trimester, your doctor will be able to provide the best recommendations and tips for travel.

●  Comfort factor: When you’re pregnant, being comfortable at all times is an absolute must, so do take into account the facilities of the place you will be visiting.

●  Insurance and health plans: Before you set out, it’s best to keep your health records and insurance up to date. Carry these along with you, to be on the safer side.

●  Hospitals: Check for hospital and maternity care in the area where you will be visiting or staying, to ensure that you will have help at hand if needed. Many hotels also offer doctor-on-call so remember to check it out.

  Weather: The weather can also be a deciding factor as too much sun, too much rains etc. can be not-so-comfortable for pregnant women. It also poses more threats like sunburn, insects, slippery grounds etc.  

Packing Tips 

Packing the right things is a crucial step when planning a vacation during pregnancy. Not only do you have to ensure the comfort levels at all times but also make sure that you have everything you need, even during emergencies.

●  Travel documents: First and foremost, it’s important to pack in all the documents you would need during the trip. This would include identity cards, tickets, payment documents, reservation copies, health records/documents, insurance and prescriptions. Simply plan ahead and prepare for any unforeseen circumstances as well while packing your documents.

● Medication: Along with your prescribed medications, it is always good to carry some over-the-counter first-aid medicines that may be required on the trip. This could include treatment for indigestion, stomach flu, mild fevers, headaches etc. Always consult your doctor before buying these and remember to carry a prescription for the same.

●  Healthy snacks and water: As a pregnant woman, you can have cravings or get hungry at odd times. Depending on room service at odd hours may not be the best bet, thus it’s a good idea to pack in some travel-friendly and healthy snacks. Staying hydrated during pregnancy is also important so remember to pack your own bottle and fill it up from a water source that is clean and safe.

●  Comfortable clothing: It’s a good idea to pack comfortable clothes and shoes in your travel bag. As a pregnant woman, you would want weather appropriate clothes that do not raise or lower your body temperature. Depending on the weather and activities, you might also want to pack in some swimwear, warm jackets or lounge clothes. Always remember to pack extra intimate wear that you find comfortable.

●  Sleeping aid: Flight and car seats can get uncomfortable as you near the advanced stages of pregnancy. So it’s a good idea to take travel pillows and cushions. Also take your sleeping pillow or white noise machine - anything that helps you sleep better during pregnancy.

How to Choose the Pre-baby Vacation Destination 

Most locations can be a pre-baby vacation destination if you plan out the trip well and include things that would be relaxing. However, to choose the best place, you can keep the following things in mind:

●  Mode of transport: It’s important that the journey is not too strenuous for you so take into account how you will be reaching your pre-baby vacation destination. And always consult a doctor about your travel plans.

●  Medical facilities: When travelling during pregnancy, always make sure that your destination has good hospitals and doctors.

●  Weather: There’s nothing worse than a vacation ruined by humidity, rains or other adverse conditions. Remember to check the weather before booking your babymoon vacation.

●  Relaxing destination: Choose a place that allows for ample rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. It’s good to choose a place that offers a flexible and not hectic itinerary.

Activities to Avoid

As long as you follow some precautions during pregnancy any destination should be a good one for your vacation. However, it’s best to avoid activities that involve sudden and jerky movements, sudden change in directions, and risk of falling or tripping on your bump or back. Some things include saunas, too much sunbathing, horse riding, strenuous hiking, amusement park rides, skiing etc.


 What things to consider while flying in pregnancy?

Always consult your doctor before flying and check with the airlines if they have a limit on the stage of pregnancy which still allows flying. Choose an aisle seat so you can easily access the washrooms, carry water and some snacks, rotate your ankles while sitting and take a walk when it’s safe to do so. Also carry a travel pillow to be more comfortable and consult your doctor for any additional tips or emergency medications.

Should I consult a doctor before travelling during pregnancy? 

Yes, always consult a doctor before travelling and run your plans by them before taking the trip. Not only will they tell you about all the precautions to take but also prescribe the medications you may need. You will also need a write-up from your doctor which states all your medical records and they may be able to help you out with a local doctor. 


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