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Nov 26, 2018

Sex During Pregnancy? Here's everything you should know

Most research suggests that, during pregnancy, sexual desire and frequency of sexual relations decrease. In context of this overall decrease in desire, some studies indicate a second-trimester increase, preceding a decrease. However, these decreases are not universal: a significant number of women report greater sexual satisfaction throughout their pregnancies.

According to some couples, pregnancy is a time for great sex. For others it may be a time of concern and fears. Your husband might find your pregnant body more desirable, but you may feel anxious about your baby’s wellbeing. For some women, the hormonal changes bring about an increased sex drive. Others may be completely averse to the idea of making love.

The best way to overcome your fears is to discuss your feelings with your husband. In case of any doubt or fears about sex during pregnancy, you should also consult your doctor. Every woman wants to have a safe and healthy pregnancy. In fact, many women go to great lengths to ensure their baby’s well being by tailoring their stress levels, sleeping patterns, diets and even leaving bad habits (like smoking and alcohol consumption) to accommodate the new life inside them. But there is always a cloud of uncertainty around how safe it is to have sex during pregnancy.

Although, we often think of women as being the most sensitive about the health and well- being of their baby during pregnancy, in fact many men report feeling awkward about initiating sexual activity due to fear of causing pain or problems for either their partner or their baby. On the other hand, many women actually say they experience a heightened sense of sexual desire during pregnancy, which is likely to be caused by hormonal changes that cause the vulva (the area around the opening of the vagina) to enlarge and the breasts to be extra sensitive.

However, this feeling will likely vary in intensity throughout the pregnancy. For example, women who experience morning sickness and general fatigue during their first trimester are not likely to feel particularly desirous. And once a woman reaches her third trimester she may be feeling uncomfortable due to weight gain, and therefore may feel discomfort or a lack of desire for sex during this time.

In any case, talking with your partner in an open and honest way about your feelings regularly is the best way to ensure you both feel connected and fulfilled. If you are experiencing a normal pregnancy (or one that is considered as low-risk for miscarriage or premature birth) then it is perfectly normal to have sex while pregnant.


Once a woman has reached the second trimester it is generally not encouraged that she lie on her back due to the added pressure her growing uterus would place on major blood vessels; thus making sex in the missionary position is increasingly risky – not to mention uncomfortable. Here are several other positions that you can try,

  • Spooning (while lying down man enters woman from behind)
  • Woman on top
  • Woman on hands and knees, rear entry
  • Side lying, woman’s knee pulled up
  • Doggy style Sitting

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