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Nov 27, 2018

Nursery Ideas

When the results of your pregnancy test come positive, you begin a journey that’ll last a lifetime. One of the most important things in the infant stage of your journey is deciding how to decorate your baby’s nursery. Your baby’s bedroom needs to be as functional as it is fabulous. All it needs is a little hard work, some creativity & out-of-the-box thinking!


Here’s your chance to experiment with colors, patterns, textures, fabrics, and wallpapers. You can let your inner artist run free with your little angel’s room décor, because the more colorful and whimsical it is, the more they’ll like it.


If you don’t know what you need, you could end up wasting money on items that you aren’t going to use. Every advert would made the products sound like necessities. You want your babies to have the best of everything and never go short. But some products are far from essential, so don’t get taken in. One product isn’t suitable for everyone. Think about you and your baby’s particular needs and circumstances. If you live in a flat, you will probably need a changing table in your baby’s room. If you live in a large house, you may need to change your baby downstairs more often.


Form a baby pool with your group of friends. Each of you can then contribute certain items that babies need, such as a Moses basket, baby bath and so on. Rotate these among the relevant families when each new baby is born. It saves money all around and it’s a good way for items to be re-used.


Check what you already have at home before buying more. You can use old baskets and boxes in the house to organize my baby’s hygiene products. There’s no need to buy specially designed storage for your baby’s things. Instead of buying a feeding chair, you can use a chair you already own and use firm cushions for support.


  • Don’t Rush it – Wall-papering takes time. Plan on about four hours of wall prep, depending on the condition of the walls, and 10 hours to paper a small room.
  • Focus on preparation – While wallpapering over a painted wall first, and the wall to dull the glossiness of the paint. Wipe with a tack cloth to remove dust. Then wash the area with a strong household detergent, let dry, and start papering.
  • Create a smooth surface – Wallpapering over a bumpy or textured wall? You have two options: Either cover the wall to be papered with a thin coat of drywall or simply hang wallpaper liner.
  • Plan carefully – You want your last strip to end in a low-visibility part of the room, because it may be the one place where you cannot match the paper’s pattern exactly. A good place for the mismatch is against a window frame, where it may be obscured by window treatments.
  • Look for long-term pieces – Instead of opting for furniture that looks like it’s made for a baby’s room, choose pieces that will grow with your child. Stay away from cutesy patterns and pick timeless classics that you and your child will love for years to come.
  • Get personal – You don’t need fancy artwork or wall hangings. Instead, frame family photos and hang them on the walls for a loving touch.
  • Skip the pricey bedding – Crib bumpers are now considered a SIDS risk, so there’s simply no need to buy an expensive bed set for baby. All you need are some cute fitted sheets and a crib skirt to complete the look. These items can be replaced on the cheap so you can switch up the look of the baby’s crib whenever you want.

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