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Nov 24, 2022

Heartburn Indigestion during the Third trimester

Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase of a woman’s life! Right? A woman feels complete when she gets the good news from Preganews! But with happiness, women have to bear the pain, which is sometimes intolerable! Yes, Preganews understands that women face difficulties during pregnancy, especially, Heartburn & indigestion during their third trimester. Are you the pregnant one who is in her third trimester? If “yes,” here, this blog is dedicated to you! Here you will get to know about pregnancy indigestion and heartburn relief. We will be there with you during your journey!

What is Heartburn?

Heartburn refers to a burning sensation in your chest. Yes, it is an uncomfortable sensation that starts from the chest and moves to the throat. You may find a sour and bitter taste in your throat! Do not worry!  Heartburn during pregnancy is expected due to shifts in body shape and hormonal issues.

Symptoms and Causes of Pregnancy Indigestion and Heartburn

Are you in your third trimester? If “yes,” you might be suffering from the problems that occur due to Heartburn. Here we have the Symptoms and Causes of Heartburn:

Symptoms of Heartburn are :


      Pain in your chest or feeling of burning

      You might feel your body is bloated.

      Burping frequently

      Feel sick the whole day

      Bring up food

More than 50% of women report severe Heartburn during the third trimester. Many women face heartburn issues before pregnancy and some after pregnancy. If you have the above symptoms, you are suffering from Heartburn.

Causes of Heartburn:

Hormone levels changing: Yes, hormone levels change during your pregnancy. It causes indigestion and slows down your digestive system and leads to Heartburn and bloating.

The uterus is enlarging: Your uterus size gets enlarged as your baby grows in the third trimester. It can push your stomach acids into your esophagus. That is the reason you suffer from Heartburn in your third trimester.

Esophageal sphincter relaxing: Progesterone, the pregnancy hormone, leads to relaxing the stomach acids, and it reaches into the esophagus, and you experience the sensation of Heartburn.

Ease Pregnancy Heartburn

You are having a little one inside you! You can keep the acid at bay and enjoy these precious moments by taking some preventive steps. There are a few things that help you to prevent pregnancy heartburn from flaring up:

Prop yourself up at night: It's difficult to sleep well without acid reflux during pregnancy. But if you want to prevent heartburn, prop yourself up while sleeping; this will counteract the acid.

Do not lie down after eating: Yes, we understand that it might be tempting to have a post-meal nap, but it's not good for your health. It will lead to heartburn. So do not sleep or lie down after eating.

Skip acidic or fried food: Do you still want to have those greasy chips that give you pain later on? Avoid fatty foods. Have more nutritious food for your baby's growth, and take minerals and vitamins.

Drink liquids between meals: If you are the kind of person who loves to have a swig of drink during meals, you need to change your habit now. Liquid after each bite can cause heartburn. So take little sips in case you are thirsty during your mealtime.

Food that soothes heartburn

Moms to be, you must take a good food diet to avoid heartburn. Here, we have a diet for heartburn! Now, all the would-be moms who follow this diet can hope to get some relief from heartburn and indigestion.

      Yogurt is the best to take.

      You must drink milk with honey

      Snack on almonds, like nuts, lowers acidity.

      Eat Pineapple or papaya, as it lowers heartburn.

      Chew some sugar-free gum

      Ginger works like magic

      Take some medication

The above tempting food will reduce your heartburn and give you some relief. The right food can return the smile back to your face. Would-be moms, now add the above food to your diet and see yourself enjoying your third trimester without having heartburn and indigestion. These are known to be early pregnancy indigestion remedies.

Key Takeaway

Sometimes pregnancy heartburn and indigestion problems are unbearable! We can empathize with all the would-be moms in their third trimester and having third-trimester indigestion! Do not worry! Some more time, your baby will be in your arm till then; follow the above diet and preventive measures, and you will be free from the terror of heartburn and indigestion! Preganews believes every woman should enjoy these nine months beautifully; we have covered all the heartburn symptoms, causes, and diet in this article. We think your motherhood days should be precious for you, without any health concerns.

People also ask ( FAQ)

What is the difference between heartburn and indigestion?

Heartburn and indigestion are two different problems! Indigestion is mainly related to digestive issues. On the other side, heartburn is defined as a problem that occurs due to stomach acid reaching into your Esophagus. Heartburn is known to be a type of indigestion. As a pregnant woman, you might be facing both problems simultaneously.

What does heartburn or indigestion feel like?

When you are suffering from heartburn or indigestion after pregnancy, or in your third trimester, you might feel the pain between the bottom of your breastbone, and the pain goes to your belly button. You might feel the sensation of burning in the upper abdomen, and you will get an uncomfortable heat between your belly button and breastbone. You might also feel a bloating sensation in the upper abdomen.

How long can heartburn indigestion last?

Uncomfortable indigestion and heartburn can last for some hours or longer, but they can stay for long in pregnancy, depending upon your health. Mild heartburn due to fatty acid or spicy food intake can last until your food gets digested properly. In case you bend over or lie down, the heartburn or indigestion will return for several hours.

Does water help heartburn?

Sometimes when heartburn attacks you during your pregnancy, a few sips of water can give you a sigh of relief. This can be because water neutralizes the acids and wash them away from your esophagus. Water is neutral as it has a pH of 7. Yes, water tends to dilute the acid and brings relief.

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