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Feb 10, 2021

Fun Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

It is in those moments as you are wondering when to take the pregnancy test calculator, that the excitement slowly makes its way to your lives. And thanks to modern home pregnancy test kit like Prega News, you can get your results in just 5 mins! However, check out these few things to keep in mind before taking the home pregnancy test. As soon as the Prega News result flashes positive, there are so many thoughts that race through your mind and you immediately start planning things ahead!

But before you can plan all those things out, there’s another important thing that awaits you - and that’s announcing the big news to your family and friends. While traditional phone calls can still be in place, there are many new and innovative ways of doing the same. And while some can be outrightly funny, some can even invoke happy tears. So which one would you choose?

Say it with accessories

A fun photoshoot with some accessories can help you deliver the message in a quirky way. Whether you’re sending over personalized mugs or using pins at home, there are many ways to convey the good news!

Baby Shoes

The cutest baby accessory - you can use it on its own or include it in a photoshoot with the parents-to-be - it will be a hit. It’s cute, adorable and evokes all kinds of melty emotions!

Baby Onesie

Another cute accessory that is sure to melt hearts - hang it up in the clotheslines or place it with your clothes or use it by itself - many innovative ways to use this one to announce your pregnancy.

Photoshoot with the ultrasound picture

Give your loved ones a sneak peek into the real picture - share your ultrasound pictures with them. Include in your photos or share them just by themselves - they are sure to evoke a few happy sniffs.

Say it with the furry babies

If you have pets, along with you they will also be welcoming home a new member and nothing cuter than a pregnancy announcement with a cute pet. From funny messages to stills with baby accessories - pets can make the most ordinary photos go from ‘Ok’ to ‘Awe’.

Now that you have all these ideas, you can also combine them or even do them all - because it’s indeed the most special moment! Apart from these, you can also use handmade cards (with USG prints), just a couple’s photoshoot with a message or even a baby onesie with the due date - the sky's the limit when it comes to pregnancy announcement ideas.

Do remember to share your pregnancy announcement idea as well. And don’t forget to tag us in your announcement pictures!

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