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Feb 28, 2022

Few exercises that may help you deal with stress during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey in the life of every woman as it leads up to the moment you hold in your hands your little one. While some have relatively easy pregnancies, others have pregnancies with physical difficulties like morning sickness and back ache. While your doctor will help you keep in check the unpleasant experiences, you can also make this journey more enjoyable by managing stress during pregnancy. Apart from the physical changes, your body also undergoes hormonal changes and all the pregnancy and birth thoughts and other changes can cause undue mental stress during this time. At Prega News, we believe this journey should be celebrated with ease and every moment should be enjoyed, so here are some tips on how to manage stress during pregnancy.

Issues which can cause anxiety and stress during pregnancy

 While there’s no universal thumb rule about what can cause stress or anxiety during pregnancy, there are some concerns that mostly affect almost all pregnant women during this time. Whether you face these or not, it’s good to be aware of the common causes of stress during this time, so you can recognize them in time and get the help needed to make it easier on you.  

        Worrying about giving birth: A common question worrying many moms-to-be out there is the experience of giving birth and what it’s going to be like. Whether you opt for natural birth or C-section birth, anxiety around childbirth is normal. However, to alleviate your stress you can talk to your doctor or midwife, who can walk you through the process of giving birth. It’s something many around you have encountered including your mom and other relatives. So a heart-to-heart talk with them can also put you at ease.

        Worrying about the baby’s health: Many women also worry about their baby’s health and whether it’s going to be a healthy baby. However, the good news is that your doctor will schedule regular check-ups and ultrasounds so you can check-in with your baby and see if everything is okay. Many treatable ailments can be detected right at the beginning so you give birth to a healthy baby. With the right precautions and care, you will have a healthy and happy pregnancy.

        Getting back the pre-pregnancy body: Another cause of stress may be the additional weight gain and questions about how to lose the same post-delivery. It’s important to take one step at a time. During pregnancy, the focus should be on eating right and healthy for the healthy growth of your baby. Your body is undergoing a major change and pulling off one of nature’s miracles so it’s important to embrace this change with open arms. Post-birth, you can consult dieticians and sign up for special classes that can help you lose the baby weight with a healthy diet and right exercises.

        Work stress in pregnancy: Today’s women are also plagued by questions about their career when they decide to embark on the journey of motherhood. They may be worried about transferring work when they go on leave or how to resume work post the maternity leave and how all of this can impact their career growth. Again, it’s important to focus on yourself and your baby at this time. Moreover, you can have an open conversation about your queries and worries with your employer so you can decide the way forward keeping both parties in mind.

        Worrying about being a good mother: As you prepare to take on a new role in life, it’s normal to feel certain levels of anxiety about the same. You may be worrying about bonding with your baby or being a good mom - but there is wisdom in accepting that it will all settle in with time. It’s a learning experience for everyone involved and you too will learn to understand your baby and give them the  best.

 Emotional stress during pregnancy

 Pregnancy also brings in many hormonal changes which can cause stress, anxiety and mood swings in women. It’s good to be aware of these emotions so you can keep them in check. Financial planning, waiting for pregnancy check-up results - there’s an entire list of things which can cause emotional stress during this time, apart from the ones listed above. However, it’s important to remember that excess and prolonged stress or anxiety can negatively impact your baby’s well-being, so practice some techniques to keep the stress levels at a minimum. From home remedies like chamomile tea to talking to a therapist who can teach mental exercises to keep calm - you have a range of options when it comes to dealing with stress during pregnancy.  

Exercises for moms-to-be

It’s a good habit to stay physically active during pregnancy to stay healthy, both physically and mentally. Consult your doctor on when it’s safe to do exercises in your pregnancy and what kind of exercises you can do. Except in rare circumstances when the doctor advised bed rest, most pregnant women can continue to exercise during pregnancy. Prenatal yoga, light walking and swimming are some popular choices among women when choosing to exercise during pregnancy. If you were physically active pre-pregnancy with active gym hours or other exercises, you can consult your doctor on the same, who can suggest some advanced exercises for you. 

Relaxation techniques 

It’s important to know how to relax during pregnancy as excessive stress can impact your baby’s growth. If you have too much stress or anxiety, you can consider seeing a therapist who can teach you techniques to keep these emotions in check. Deep breathing, meditation, yoga and walking have been known to reduce stress. You can also try calming teas, body massages, a warm and even maintaining a diary to keep stress under control.

Key takeaway

Stress during pregnancy can be harmful to both you and your baby, so it’s important to learn more about the symptoms and how to treat them. Whatever may be the reason for your stress, there’s always a way to manage it effectively - through therapy, physical exercises, mental exercises and much more. So to ensure a healthy pregnancy and childbirth, it’s important to learn stress management.


How to deal with stress during pregnancy in the second trimester?

Whether it’s the first or second or third trimester, to deal with stress during pregnancy, you can try deep breathing and meditation. Other routines like a warm bath or a massage or indulging in some calming teas can also help. Talking about your stress with your partner or a friend is also important and can help calm you down. Don’t be afraid to seek professional help when the stress gets too much to handle.

How much stress is too much when pregnant?

It is advised to remain in a happy and calm state of mind during pregnancy for a healthy journey. However, a little stress is normal but if it gets too all-encompassing and you frequently find yourself worrying about things all through the day, it’s time to learn some anti-stress techniques like deep breathing, meditation and other mental exercises. If your stress is also causing anxiety, consider consulting a therapist for the same.

 How to manage work stress during pregnancy?

Talking to your employer openly about your concerns and workload can help you manage work stress. Make a list of your tasks and keep it in front of you so you know what to expect. Take frequent breaks during work and keep an open communication with co-workers. Do not be afraid to ask for help when needed and practice deep breathing while at the desk, to stay calm during work.

What are the natural ways to relax during pregnancy?


Meditation, deep breathing, getting proper sleep, doing light exercises and sipping on calming teas like chamomile, can help you relax during pregnancy. You can also try a prenatal massage or a warm bath to stay calm and relaxed during pregnancy. 


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