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Nov 26, 2018

7 Ways To Make Your Child Eat Fruits

Every parent understands that fruits are a healthy addition to every child’s diet. Only if our children understood that it would be a great boon. But it isn’t always simple to get your kid to chomp down on fruits. You may have followed a pregnancy diet wherein they got the lovely nourishment while they were inside you but now the story is a bit different.

Keeping that in mind, Prega News, India’s best pregnancy test, gives you a few pointers to make life easier and your little one’s life a lot healthier. Consider doing these 7 things to make your child eat fruits.


One of the foremost tips you should inculcate is to keep your fruits ready to eat and within eyeshot of your child. If a platter of fruit is kept on the table, your child will definitely end up taking a bite or two when they feel hungry instead of snacking on useless fast food products.


You won’t find this in a pregnancy guide but most children stay away from fruit because there is no excitement attached to it. A presentation is key when trying to get your little one to start eating fruits. Make a smiley face on the plate, add ice-cream if you can. Try something innovative to attract them towards a healthy habit.


Okay, this might sound unfair but as a parent, it is 100% FAIR. When your kid asks for a snack, sneak in a banana. When they ask for ice-cream, give them a banana split. Slip in strawberries for breakfast, an apple for lunch at school. There are lots of ways to be sneaky and as a parent, you should definitely start looking towards them.


Children always have a sweet tooth. Lucky for you, it can turn the tables in your favor as well. Instead of boring ice-cream, you can whip up a nice ice-cream sundae complete with loads of fruit. How about a chocolate covered banana? Ever heard of candy apples? Well, this is your best way to a fruity start.


A lot of recipes call for fruits like perhaps an apple pie or how about fruit pancakes? Start utilizing fruits as a vital ingredient in your recipes to inculcate a healthy habit within your child. The best way to do this is to pick up a recipe book which talks about the utilization of fruits and you’d be all set.


Birthday parties or the normal get-togethers, your children will invite many friends over. The best thing to serve during this time is fruits. Don’t be boring – innovate and serve up whipped cream and strawberries, fruit salads or even fruit ‘chaat’ and the little ones will come crawling back for more.


It is highly important that you nurture this habit at the very beginning. If they get into a habit of eating fruits, you won’t have to be running after them, they’d come looking for you. That would be ideal but it does take a bit of hard work and determination. Start off early to avoid the hassle and running around later.

Now that you have read what your kids should eat, here is something you should read about pregnancy diet and pregnancy tips.

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