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Nov 25, 2022

5 Ways Your Second Pregnancy May Be Different From Your First

Pregnancy 1 vs Pregnancy 2:

You need to brace yourself for a new set of pregnancy symptoms that you didn't see the first time. There may be several first and second pregnancy differences.  Expecting mothers may have severe morning sickness during the first but have no such symptoms during the second.

Physical Symptoms.

The physical manifestations of pregnancy, such as the feelings of heaviness, fullness, and contractions, tend to appear roughly a month earlier in a second pregnancy than they did in the first. This is due to the uterus and ligaments stretching before, but it is also due to your heightened awareness of the sensations. While this may sound painful, other benefits include detecting your baby's fetal movements roughly a month earlier.

Exhaustion Levels.

Many women report that their exhaustion levels increase with each subsequent pregnancy. Few studies have been conducted on the topic, and the results are contradictory: some find that women are substantially more exhausted the second time around, while others find the opposite.

The Degree of Discomfort.

Your abdominal and uterine muscles will be loosened because they stretch during your first pregnancy. In other words, they don't have the same degree of ‘staying power’ and your bump will appear much earlier than the first time around. This can also result in pelvic discomfort, which will necessitate more frequent trips to the bathroom to empty your bladder.

Stretch Marks.

It's also possible to have stretch marks during your second pregnancy or see them return because you may carry your baby lower than you did the first time. If you want to reduce the visibility of stretch marks and reveal restored, revitalized, and visibly smoother skin, use a cream or moisturizer daily This will reduce the likelihood of stretch marks appearing during pregnancy.

The Silver Lining 

Many women who have once given birth are more alert to and likely to notice the early indications of pregnancy a second time around. The good news is that common discomforts like nausea and breast pain may be less acute the second time around. Whether it is your first or second, every pregnancy is unique in its own way. PregaNews will bring you the good news each time and you can journey your way through nine months to add a new member to your family.

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