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Nov 26, 2018

5 Ways To Keep Cool When Your Child Is Throwing Tantrums

Preganews understands how difficult it is for parents to keep cool when their child is throwing tantrums. Kids can be extremely difficult and when they’re throwing tantrums, many parents react angrily. But as parents, you’ve got to remember that it’s your duty to teach your child how to handle anger.

Your patience will be tested by angry outbursts, defiance and arguing but you need to hold firm. If you react by screaming, it teaches your child to do the same. Here are a few things that might help you keep cool the next time your kid is throwing a tantrum.

Giving some space

Like an adult, even your child needs to vent their anger out. Let her/him. Sometimes, throwing a tantrum will enable your child to learn how to vent her/his anger in a non-destructive way. This way she/he can let their emotions out, pull him/her self together and regain composure without getting into a shouting match with you.

Showing affection

There are times when children throw tantrums because they feel that they are not paid adequate attention and/or they aren’t loved enough. You’ve got to read the signs. Don’t withhold love to teach them discipline. Your child should know that you love him/her.

Being firm

We know it’s difficult, but you need to learn how to balance being empathetic but firm when you’re talking with your child. You cannot back down after you’ve given your side of the argument. Keep in mind that your child mind not necessarily calm down, but he/she needs to learn that throwing a tantrum doesn’t lead to satisfactory results.

Ignore your child

Psychologists believe that when a child is throwing a tantrum, they’re literally out of their minds! The emotions take over overriding the part of their brain that makes decisions and judgments. It also means that the reasoning part isn’t working, that is why it’s okay to ignore them until they’re ready to listen.

Don’t be harsh

While we understand how frustrating it is, you need to understand that you shouldn’t yell or resort to corporal punishment to stop the tantrums. Explain that what they’re doing is wrong and that you don’t approve it. You can tell them there are other ways to express their feelings.

Parents should understand that the key to being in control is to keep cool and calm. There is a point in a child’s life when he/she needs to accept no as an answer. If they’re old enough to understand, then teach them that that’s not how to behave.

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