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Nov 27, 2018

5 Ways How You Can Celebrate Republic Day With Your Kids

India will celebrate her 67th Republic Day on 26th of January 2016. This is the perfect opportunity for you to bond with your child and instill a sense of patriotism in him/her. Many might think of the Republic Day as just a national holiday, but it is up to you imprint a sense of pride of for this great nation in your kids and to mold them into responsible citizens.

Here are a few ways you can make the most of Republic Day with your kids and bond as a family.

1. Watch the parade

Make it a point to watch the live telecast of the parade together. Teach them about our nation’s diverse culture and how they should always respect someone else’s culture. You can also watch the bravery awards that are awarded to children.

2. Storytelling session

You can tell your kids stories of our nation’s heroes, there are so many! This will help instill nationality and pride in our historical struggles.

3. Host the national flag

Gather the kids and their parents in your neighborhood and hoist the national flag. You can even teach your child the national anthem and have them sing it.

4. Perform a play

Something you should work on before the celebrations. Take the initiative to get the children in your neighborhood and teach them a small play. It can be a story of any one of our patriots. They can perform this on Republic Day.

5. Fancy dress contest

Another thing that you can do with your kids. Organize a fancy dress competition in your locality. The theme should be something related to India’s independence. The contest can be held on Republic Day and the prizes can be something that goes with the theme. For eg. The winner gets a Gandhi coloring book.

Many people criticize the current generation of forgetting our country’s struggle to get independence and become a republic. There are kids who do not even know the difference between the Republic Day and the Independence Day! It is up to the parents to ensure that the kids grow up to become model citizens with a strong sense of nationalism. That is why this Republic Day is a perfect time not just make it a family day but also teach your kids about our country.

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