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Nov 27, 2018

5 Tips For Fathers On Taking Care Of Their Baby When Alone

Take a look at the web and you’ll be amazed by the number of “hilarious” photos and videos titled “why you can’t leave your child alone with fathers”, you’ll find there. While they may be funny, it speaks volumes of a problem that we do not necessarily acknowledge. We’re generally taught that it is solely the responsibility of the mother to take care of the child, while the fathers have to take more of a supporting role.

This type of thinking is not just outdated, but insulting to both genders. As mothers, women should not be expected to take care of the child by themselves. Neither should fathers think of raising a child as mostly a “woman’s job”. The father should have enough parent skills to take care of the kid when the mother isn’t around. That is why here are a couple of tips that should help fathers take care of their child when they’re by themselves.

Put their interests first, always

So you enjoy drinking or smoking? Guess what – it’s not good for them, and you’re setting an example with everything you do. Say goodbye to all these bad habits. You should also take this opportunity to get to know your kid, find out his interests, what he likes and dislikes. There are many times that parents are not able to understand or do not know their own kids. Remember, the bond you make in the early years will last for a lifetime.

Talk to your baby as often as you can

Whether you’re carrying your baby or changing diapers you should keep talking. For example, ‘Let’s get this nappy changed. That feels better, doesn’t it? Here’s a nice clean nappy. Don’t cry – we’ll be finished soon’. Studies have shown that every word a baby hears helps develop his language and learning. It also strengthens your relationship with him. Telling stories, reading books or singing songs has the same effect.

Connect through touch

Physical touch should not be underestimated. It makes your baby feel safe and secure and builds trust and connection with you. Research has shown that this kind of bonding with kids also stimulates your baby’s brain development. You should try carrying and holding your baby as often as you can. If you hold her to your chest, she can also hear your heartbeat!

Educate yourself

Remember you’re not alone if you feel nervous or unsure about being a new dad – there are always things to learn. For example, you can find information by checking out, talking with other dads and attending parenting groups. It has to be said that the best way, however, to learn is by doing – spending lots of time caring for your baby.

It’s okay to ask for help

So, now that you’ve volunteered to stay with your child by yourself, you stumble on a problem. You need to remember that if you can’t find a solution to her distress, don’t be too proud to call for some help. Call your wife, call your mother; call her mother; call a friend who has been there. But don’t let yourself get angry or upset. The baby’s needs come first.

The times are changing. Mothers cannot be expected to just stay at home and take care of the baby. Whether it’s their jobs or just a break from everything, there will be times when they’ll be away from the child. That is why the fathers have to step up and take care of their kids. We hope these tips help you in your journey as a father.


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