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Nov 21, 2018

5 Must-Have Products For Your Baby This Summer

Summer is an excellent season to holiday but there are a few points one should keep in mind when they have a baby. Pregnancy guides often talk about how mothers can save their skin during this wonderful (dreadful) season but we at Prega News, India’s best pregnancy test, understand that babies also need to be taken extra care of during the sunny season. Keeping this in mind, we share a few handy tips and tricks that’ll help mothers to protect their little bundle of joy during summers.


Keeping yourself hydrated during the summer is a must and it goes the same for your baby as well. Buy them a sipper/personalized sipper if possible as they identify with it and will be keen to drink water throughout the day.


Since the summer heat is known to cling on to you, adults are often told to wear cotton clothes and avoid synthetic fibres. It goes the same for your baby as well. Keep them away from synthetic material and buy cotton clothes that are gentle to the touch and way more comfortable during the season.


Another perfect way for you to shield your baby from sunburn is to get them a pretty, little hat/cap. This will make sure to keep the sun out of their eyes as well as provide them ample amount of shade to keep cool. And they’d look super cute wearing them!


We would assume that most of you have already bought a great stroller for your baby. Here’s how you can make it better for summer – add a UV shed over the stroller which will reflect those nasty rays and keep your baby smiling at all times.


Babies are normally draped in blankets but this often becomes a concern. Blankets are heavy and keep the heat trapped which makes the baby uncomfortable. The best remedy for this is to pick up lightweight blankets which provide the right amount of protection and comfort for your bundle of joy.

We hope that these tips and tricks will help you protect your little one from the harsh season, enjoy lots of dips in the pool and scrumptious ice-creams too! We have loads more of tips about pregnancy and pregnancy care on our website. Or, you can always join us on our social channels on Facebook and Twitter.


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