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Care During

Every day is a new experience when you are pregnant!

Help your maid experience the joy of pregnancy by telling her what changes her body goes through week after week.


See the journey of pregnancy unfold!

In the first two weeks, the baby is still a sperm that has been fertilized. The journey to motherhood has just begun!

pregnancy week

Week 1

The baby is currently a bunch of cells floating around in the body!

pregnancy week

Week 3

The little one is still very little. Just a millimeter long right now!

pregnancy week

Week 4

This week, your maid can confirm that she is pregnant by using a Prega News kit. Congratulations!

pregnancy week

Week 5

The baby’s heartbeat can be heard on an ultrasound by now. It’s about 160 beats per minute. Imagine that!

pregnancy week

Week 6

The baby is about an inch long by now! It’s heart, lungs & brains are all developing steadily

pregnancy week

Week 7

Though it’s the size of a finger tip right now, the baby’s joints are growing by this week!

pregnancy week

Week 8

This is the week the baby develops its fingers & toes. By next year, your maid will get to hold its hand!

pregnancy week

Week 9

The baby’s heartbeat can now be heard on a doppler machine. Ask your maid to get an ultrasound done!

pregnancy week

Week 10

The baby is actually moving inside! Your maid won’t feel it right now, but will know in a few weeks!

pregnancy week

Week 11

The internal organs are developing rapidly by now! The journey towards motherhood has begun for her!

pregnancy week

Week 12

This week, the baby has developed a unique fingerprint. Soon, it will have a personality of its own too!

pregnancy week

Week 13

The baby has developed it’s genitals by this point, so your maid’s doctor knows if it’s a boy or a girl!

pregnancy week

Week 14

By now, the baby can sense light & pressure outside the womb. So, ask your maid to caress her stomach gently from time to time.

pregnancy week

Week 15

The baby now weighs a full 2.5 inches & has started to develop finger & toe nails!

pregnancy week

Week 16

The baby’s body has started forming adipose tissues & hard bones. So, she can expect some kicking! Give her only light tasks from this point.

pregnancy week

Week 17

The baby’s ears are fully developed & it can hear the world. From this point, speak sweetly!

pregnancy week

Week 18

Inside the womb, the baby is fully developed. Ask your maid to walk tenderly & don’t give her heavy tasks in the weeks to come.

pregnancy week

Week 19

Congratulations! Your maid has touched the halfway mark. Tell her to eat only healthy foods & avoid all unhealthy snacks.

pregnancy week

Week 20

Along with the kicking, the baby can now open its eyes! If you have a stay-at-home maid, arrange a comfortable bed & a dedicated chair for her.

pregnancy week

Week 21

The baby has crossed the 1-pound mark & needs nutrition. Your maid will be hungrier, so do give her fruits & other healthy foods when she’s at your place.

pregnancy week

Week 22

The lungs of baby have now fully developed blood vessels, which means it can breathe outside in case of a premature delivery

pregnancy week

Week 23

The baby is about 1 foot long by this point & if your maid’s doctor recommends a glucose screening test, tell her not to worry as it is completely normal.

pregnancy week

Week 24

The baby now has fully developed hair & skin. A few cramps will occur from this week on, so she may need to take a break between work at times.

pregnancy week

Week 25

All 5 senses are now fully developed. In some cases, your maid might be lucky enough to feel the baby hiccupping!

pregnancy week

Week 26

Congratulations! She has made it to the final trimester. Ensure that all delivery related formalities are ready.

pregnancy week

Week 27

The baby weighs twice as much as it did last month & is still growing steadily. So, maintain that healthy diet!

pregnancy week

Week 28

The baby’s bones are developing rapidly & needs calcium. So, offer your maid a glass of milk or calcium tablets occasionally.

pregnancy week

Week 29

The baby is now approximately 3 pounds. With only 10 weeks to go, it’s time for her to get ample rest.

pregnancy week

Week 30

As the toll on the body gets higher, your maid may get ‘pregnancy colds’. Ask her not to worry as its extremely normal.

pregnancy week

Week 31

The baby will grow to 6 pounds now. Chances of going into pre-term labour are extremely high, so stay alert if she gets cramps or pains.

pregnancy week

Week 32 & 37

Now is the time to give your maid complete rest. The baby is in the ‘full term’ stage, meaning, it is ready for a healthy delivery!

pregnancy week

Week 38

It’s time to book a hospital bed for your maid. Ensure that she checks if her baby is coming out head first or leg first. Be with her or call her whenever you can!

pregnancy week

Week 39

And she is officially a mother! Only 10% babies actually come on the due date, so if she is a few days past, tell her not to worry. Here’s to a happy motherhood for her!

pregnancy week

Week 40

Mom Care Tips

It's not just the baby, even the mom needs to be in good shape & YOU can help her out!
Remember these simple tips. Because your help goes a long way!

food & cooking
food & cooking

health & care
health tips

Post Birth

Time & tide or a baby's growth wait for no man or woman!
Here's a handy guide that lets you figure out important dates once your maid's baby is born.

Do mark it on your calender & give your maid a day off on all vaccination days!