Natural Baby Delivery Or Delivery Using Surgery?

Natural Birth Vs Caesarean


Welcoming a baby into the world is a joy that cannot be put into words. As soon as the early signs of pregnancy start showing up, a mother starts planning for the whole course of pregnancy and the journey afterward.  But, there are a lot of things that need to be considered when it comes to the method of delivering a baby.


As an expecting mother, Caesarean/C-section sounds like a convenient method, but are you aware of the side-effects that tag along with it? Or, the gamut of irreversible physical changes that your body might encounter after the surgery?

On the other hand, delivering a baby naturally is also not a piece of cake.


Natural Birth Vs Caesarean

So, Caesarean or Natural Birth, what should you opt for?


  1. Conditions: Vaginal birth is the natural way of delivering a baby which is preferred by most expecting mothers. While caesareans are mostly planned for medical reasons such as diabetes or high blood pressure that may make natural delivery too risky. A C-section may also be necessary if the baby is not in the head-down position and efforts to turn the baby before the delivery have been unsuccessful.


  1. Recovery time: Having a natural delivery shortens the recovery time and the mother is usually discharged from the hospital after a day or two. But, in the case of caesareans, recovery time extends up to days as it is a major surgery that involves opening up the mother’s abdomen and removing the baby from mother’s uterus.


  1. Delivery time: In case of a natural birth, the delivery time is never fixed as it completely depends on the baby and the mother; sometimes the labor pain can extend up to a couple of days. While a Caesarean eliminates the element of uncertainty as the time is planned by the doctor in advance.


  1. Consequences: During a vaginal delivery, muscles involved in the process squeeze out amniotic fluid out of the newborn’s lungs making it easier for them to start breathing. While Babies born by Caesarean are more likely to have breathing problems at birth and also at a greater risk for stillbirth.


In the present scenario, C-sections have become more of a trend than a necessity and also an opportunity for doctors to earn big bucks. Therefore, knowing the pro and cons of both the methods becomes of utmost importance for you to make a wise decision.


Consult your doctor from the early pregnancy symptoms itself and meet for a regular check-up to ensure that everything goes smoothly. We wish you a safe and healthy pregnancy!

Early Sign of Pregnancy

Early signs of pregnancy to look out for

For the world, pregnancy starts with a positive result on a , but for a mother, it starts way before that. The most obvious signs like morning sickness and nausea don’t show up until 7-8 weeks. However, there are few signs that are as accurate but go unnoticed by most of the expecting mothers.

So, we have made a list of early pregnancy symptoms that may act as your wake up call to take a pregnancy test.

  1. Sore Breasts

Do you notice a difference in your breasts?

The difference can be as slight as a bit of tenderness or a full-blown ache in certain areas. Your breasts are the first to get affected by the rage of hormones. So, if you have been experiencing some discomfort, then it may be time to get a test done.

  1. Frequent trips to the bathroom

Waking up in the middle of the night to answer nature’s call is annoying, and so is lining up to use the office washroom once every hour.

Your kidneys have to process more urine during pregnancy, which leads to this situation. But, don’t cut back on your fluid intake as your body also needs to retain enough water.

  1. Heightened sense of smell

You used to love a particular food and now, even the smell of it makes you queasy. A lot of women find their olfactory senses heightened during their pregnancy, which leads to new likes and dislikes. But don’t worry, this phase usually ends as you enter your second trimester.

  1. Fatigue

Feeling exhausted all the time is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy. As your body is high on progesterone at the moment, it is normal for you to feel wiped out all the time.

  1. Mood swings

The hormones that make you moody during your monthly periods are going to play a major part in your pregnancy as well. So, you can well expect to get moody and cranky during this time. Plus, fatigue and hunger will only make it worse. Therefore, find time to eat and rest at regular intervals.

  1. Spotting and cramping

For women, spots of blood usually mean menstrual period. But, if it’s well ahead of its expected time, it can be implantation blood as well. When a fertilised egg gets attached to the uterus, it leads to a brief session of bleeding, which when coupled with cramping, resembles the onset of menstrual periods.

These were the early signs of pregnancy that you should be on the lookout for. If you are experiencing some or all of the signs, then take a Early Sign of Pregnancy today and be sure.