Stress & Pregnancy

One of the most important pregnancy tips anyone can give a pregnant lady is how to deal with stress. Stress has become a part of everyone’s lives, but it should not be dealt with casually during pregnancy. It can be extremely harmful for you and your baby, if not taken care.


  • Very high levels of stress can either lead to an increased risk of premature delivery or babies with low weight.
  • Stress also leads to the increase in heart rate, blood pressure and chronic anxiety, which is neither good for the health of the mother nor the baby.
  • Stress also leads to hormonal imbalances and anxiety.


  • Eating well will provide you with the energy you need throughout the day.
  • You are more likely to be stressed if you are not getting the right sleep. Also to prevent heartburns, avoid eating at least one hour before going to bed.
  • Exercise is an ideal way that makes you feel more energetic to take up the daily challenges. Exercising after work at the end of the day will help you to relax and unwind.
  • You can try some natural stress reduction techniques like biofeedback, yoga or meditation.
  • Communicating regularly with your family and friends would comfort and ease you at times of high stress.
  • If the work is getting very stressful then it is time to cut back on it.
  • Talk to your partner about your fears about then sort them out. Do not keep your anxieties holed up inside. Discuss your fears about the pregnancy with your gynaecologist so that you are informed of what to expect and how to go about things.

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