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The story of an egg

Conceiving a baby is a matter of chance. But, when you know how the process works then the chances of conceiving increase like anything. If you know the intricacies of the process, tracking ovulation and the process of fertilization becomes a piece of cake. Search engines are flooded with long boring articles on these topics but here’s our quirky take on the same from an ovum and sperm perspective.

Maturation :

The process of maturation is initiated by hormones secreted by your Pituitary Gland which in turns triggers your ovarian hormones; the result of which is that an oocyte turns into an ovum.

Every month an egg matures into an ovum in one of the ovaries and gets ready for fertilization.

Ovulation :

To explain it in detail, the maturation of an egg is followed by the release of ovum from the ovary which usually occurs around the 14th day in your menstrual cycle.

Now that the Ovum has matured; it’s time for her to go out of the ovaries and brave the world outside, a process that we like to call Ovulation.

The dicey case of fertilization :

After the ovulation, the ovum stays in the fallopian tubes for three days waiting for the sperm to arrive. If the fertilization doesn’t occur, then the egg disintegrates itself.

Away from the comfort of ovaries, Ovum is out on her own and waiting for her Prince Sperm. Will he come? Will she get fertilized or be sacrificed to the dreaded periods.

Fertilization :

As the world knows, the fusion of ovum and sperm is called fertilization. During the process, the genes of the ovum mix with the genomic structure of sperm and make a complete cell with a full set of chromosomes.

The days are passing by for Ovum and Prince Sperm is nowhere close. But, when they meet, it will be a fertilization to remember.

Development of a new life :

Well, the fertilization leads to a nine-month long process of development of a baby that you know as Gestation Period.

Ovum and Prince Sperm have fertilized happily ever after. But, what happens next? Well, a new life begins.

Still have some doubts?

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