7 Ways to Make Your Child Eat Fruits

Every parent understands that fruits are a healthy addition to every child’s diet. Only if our children understood that, it would be a great boon. But it isn’t always simple to get your kid to chomp down on fruits. You may have followed a pregnancy diet wherein they got the lovely nourishment while they were inside you but now the story is a bit different.

Keeping that in mind, Prega News, India’s best pregnancy test, gives you a few pointers to make life easier and your little one’s life a lot healthier. Consider doing these 7 things to make your child eat fruits.


One of the foremost tips you should inculcate is to keep your fruits ready to eat and within eye shot of your child. If a platter of fruit is kept on the table, your child will definitely end up taking a bite or two when they feel hungry instead of snacking on useless fast food products.


You won’t find this in a pregnancy guide but most children stay away from fruit because there is no excitement attached to it. Presentation is key when trying to get your little one to start eating fruits. Make a smiley face on the plate, add ice-cream if you can. Try something innovative to attract them towards a healthy habit.


Okay, this might sound unfair but as a parent it is 100% FAIR. When your kid asks for a snack, sneak in a banana. When they ask for ice-cream, give them a banana split. Slip in strawberries for breakfast, an apple for lunch at school. There are lots of ways to be sneaky and as a parent, you should definitely start looking towards them.


Children always have a sweet tooth. Lucky for you, it can turn the tables in your favour as well. Instead of boring ice-cream, you can whip up a nice ice-cream sundae complete with loads of fruit. How about a chocolate covered banana? Ever heard of candy apples? Well, this is your best way to a fruity start.


A lot of recipes call for fruits like perhaps an apple pie or how about fruit pancakes? Start utilizing fruits as a vital ingredient in your recipes to inculcate a healthy habit within your child. The best way to do this is to pick up a recipe book which talks about utilization of fruits and you’d be all set.


Birthday parties or the normal get togethers, your children will invite many friends over. The best thing to serve during this time is fruits. Don’t be boring – innovate and serve up whipped cream and strawberries, fruit salads or even fruit ‘chaat’ and the little ones will come crawling back for more.


It is highly important that you nurture this habit at the very beginning. If they get into a habit of eating fruits, you won’t have to be running after them, they’d come looking for you. That would be ideal but it does take a bit of hard work and determination. Start off early to avoid the hassle and running around later.

Now that you have read what your kids should eat, here is something you should read about pregnancy diet and pregnancy tips.
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5 Ways for Perfect Hair During Pregnancy

Long, luscious hair is what every woman dreams of. Pregnancy on the other hand does have a tendency to leave a bit of negativity during this period. From hair falling out to weak locks, pregnancy can take its toll on your hair. But Prega News, India’s best pregnancy test, is here to turn the tables around.

Within this pregnancy guide for better hair, you will find some tips and tricks which could save you pulling your hair out quite literally.


Needless to say, we believe that you should stay away from all kinds of hair product that has chemicals in them. This means that you say a big NO-NO to hair colour, harmful conditioners, hair straightening lotion etc. The chemicals present in these hair products will leave your hair looking dull and weak.


Of course, following a pregnancy diet helps as well. You must remember that sticking to eating healthy food leads to longer, stronger hair irrespective of the fact that you may be pregnant. Make sure you have essential vitamins such as Vitamin E, C, B-Vitamins etc. for better growth and fuller looking hair.


One of the important things to consider during pregnancy care is to lead a stress-free life. Keeping your mind at ease, indulging in things that you love have a direct correlation with how your hair grows or weakens. Maintaining a calm head will positively affect your hair and your mood as well. Plus, it has a better impact on the growth of your baby as well.


We all love brushing our hair in the morning to get those nasty knots out and to untangle our hair. It’s just that some of us are a bit rough with our hair. Try and remember that during this time, your hair should be treated with extreme care unless you want to shed all over. Use a wide tooth comb or perhaps a soft brush with gentle bristles always.


Finally, you should stay away from chopping your hair off. We know that long locks can get frustrating at times and rather than taking care of it, chopping it off is the easier way out. Avoid doing this. If you feel the need, just head for a trim as this helps your hair maintain a steady growth rate and remain healthier.

We hope some of these tips and tricks will help you maintain a healthy head of hair and good-looking locks. There are a couple of pregnancy tips here that should help with your pregnancy diet as well.

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5 Foods to Avoid During your First Trimester

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase of every woman’s life. There’s the happy feeling of a baby growing inside of you. A living being who will soon enter the world to shower you with loads of love and oodles of cuteness. Along with this, after you take the best pregnancy test, you also look forward to many other things.
The wonderful clothes you will wear, your glowing skin, your family doting over you but most of all the tasty food that you get to gorge on. We at Prega News know that this is an important phase but not every kind of food is advisable to eat at this point, thus we provide you with a few pointers to add to your pregnancy diet.


For those of you who prefer following a very rigorous pregnancy diet, we suggest you take a close look at what kind of healthy food you are eating. Stay away from raw veggies always. Boil them, sauté them but never eat them raw. Keep away from Tulsi or Basil leaves as these are extremely bad for your baby.


For all the fruit lovers out there, you’ll have to give up Pineapples and Papayas. However tasty they may be, they lead to uterine contractions which increase the chance of a miscarriage.


Pregnancy care is all about being careful and knowing what not to eat is vital especially in the case of meat lovers. Raw eggs and raw meat are out of the question when it comes to your diet. Medium cooked meat or raw meat can lead to brain disorder in your child. Liver is another meat you should completely avoid.


Fish are known to have a high mercury count in them. Avoid fish like Swordfish and Mackerel. The high mercury content may hamper brain development in your child. Sushi is a BIG No. Of course, well cooked fish is a welcome dish for your taste buds.


The final item you should avoid during your first trimester is certain kinds of cheese like soft cheese, blue cheese, brie and feta. Raw milk or unpasteurised milk is harmful for your child so avoid it at all costs. Apart from this, milk products are advised for you to enhance calcium levels in your body.
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5 Must-Have Products for Your Baby this Summer

Summer is an excellent season to holiday but there are a few points one should keep in mind when they have a baby. Pregnancy guides often talk about how mothers can save their skin during this wonderful (dreadful) season but we at Prega News, India’s best pregnancy test, understand that babies also need to be taken extra care of during the sunny season.
Keeping this in mind, we share a few handy tips and tricks that’ll help mothers to protect their little bundle of joy during summers.


Keeping yourself hydrated during the summer is a must and it goes the same for your baby as well. Buy them a sipper/personalized sipper if possible as they identify with it and will be keen to drink water throughout the day.


Since the summer heat is known to cling on to you, adults are often told to wear cotton clothes and avoid synthetic fibres. It goes the same for your baby as well. Keep them away from synthetic material and buy cotton clothes that are gentle to the touch and way more comfortable during the season.


Another perfect way for you to shield your baby from sunburn is to get them a pretty, little hat/cap. This will make sure to keep the sun out of their eyes as well as provide them ample amount of shade to keep cool. And they’d look super cute wearing them!


We would assume that most of you have already bought a great stroller for your baby. Here’s how you can make it better for summer – add a UV shed over the stroller which will reflect those nasty rays and keep your baby smiling at all times.


Babies are normally draped in blankets but this often becomes a concern. Blankets are heavy and keep the heat trapped which makes the baby uncomfortable. The best remedy for this is to pick up lightweight blankets which provide the right amount of protection and comfort for your bundle of joy.

We hope that these tips and tricks will help you protect your little one from the harsh season, enjoy lots of dips in the pool and scrumptious ice-creams too! We have loads more of tips about pregnancy and pregnancy care on our website. Or, you can always join us on our social channels on Facebook and Twitter.

5 Drinks to Keep Away From Your New Born Baby

Babies love to drink, they are perpetually thirsty and always want loads of nutrition. It takes a long enough time before their little tummies can process solid or even semi-solid food. Understanding that to give your baby to drink during this crucial time is a huge part of pregnancy care.
Many liquids during the first six months for your newborn can be upsetting and lead to complications which we would want to avoid at all times. Which is why, Prega News, India’s best pregnancy test is here to provide you with a few useful tips regarding the liquids to keep your baby away from without having to look for a pregnancy guide.


Even though fruit juice might seem the best option for your baby at the time, it might not be the healthiest. Fruit juice contains a high amount of sugar and a less amount of fibre. The latter is what your baby really requires so that he can grow according to a normal baby calendar.


Need we even say more? Almost every pregnancy guide that talks about pregnancy care tells you to keep aerated drinks away from your baby always. They take the place of vital nutrients your baby needs and may also lead to tooth decay and weight gain which your baby doesn’t need.


Another outright NO in the books is towards caffeinated drinks. Avoid giving your baby tea or coffee, even a spoonful is bad. Just like a pregnancy diet, your baby also needs a rich diet of nutrients and caffeine just won’t do.


Why flavoured milk you ask? It’s because of the high sugar content that is present in it. Your baby’s body isn’t able to break the sugar down easily. Plus, a mother’s milk is the healthiest option for your newborn baby. For more tips on breastfeeding positions, you can check here.


Yes, water isn’t the best liquid to give your baby at least till they are over six months old. Water dilutes the sodium balance in the body, thus upsetting the electrolyte balance which may upset your baby. Although, once your baby grows older, there isn’t really a substitute for water but for now, stick to breastfeeding your baby.
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7 Tips for Mommies to Keep Their Skin Young

Let’s get this out of the way – Pregnancy isn’t a joke. It takes a toll on expecting mothers and if you don’t follow the correct kind of pregnancy tips or read up about pregnancy care, you will have a tough time keeping up with the various changes that your body goes through leaving you tired, haggard and looking old.

We at Prega News, India’s best pregnancy test, understand how pregnancy can lead to your skin losing its youthful charm and glow, are here to give you the best tips to keep your skin looking bright and soft in the following pregnancy guide.



Everyone knows the benefits of water but for pregnant women, this is the life-saving liquid that can bring back youthfulness to your skin. It can also help slow down the process of aging so drink away.


One of the major ‘To-Dos’ for pregnancy care are to get a good night’s sleep. It helps your body relax and depletes stress leading to glowing skin. Pro Tip: Use a silk or satin pillow case for added comfort.


Exercise is another useful pregnancy tip that helps you tone your body, stay healthy and make your skin look pretty. Keep this up at least once a day and you will look younger – we promise.


Sugar is something that you should stay away from if you want to retain your youthfulness. Instead, have natural goods that have sugar content in them if you feel the urge.


Something that every pregnant woman should do is moisturize her skin before going to bed every day. Wash away the dirt from the day and moisturize your skin before hitting the sack each day for younger looking skin. But remember, here are some things you should avoid.


Another handy tip or rather beauty hack is to shape your eyebrows. These help you in retaining a neat look and add to the youth factor overall. Consult your beautician for the perfect look.


Lastly, always smile. Staying happy and smiling tends to keep you away from stress and it does have a positive impact on your lifestyle. If you tend to keep smiling, your youthfulness doesn’t fade away as fast in comparison to you being stressed all the time.
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