Balance your work and motherhood. Ask us how.

One of the biggest challenges a working woman faces is balancing career and motherhood. Every working mom will attest to the fact that having to juggle their career and motherhood is one of the most complicated things they’ve ever done in their lives.

So, the important question – Is there a way around it?

The short answer is that you can’t — not all the time, anyway. What you can do, however, is plan and be flexible.

The key to balance is prioritizing and it’s about really taking those moments in life, especially to be a mother. Here are a few tips for keeping the balance when it comes to having a career and being the best mother that you can be.

Get – and stay – organized.

Having a solid schedule and an organized home are a working mom’s best friends. Keep in mind that your goal is not to have everything perfect but to control the chaos. Start preparing for the next day the night before. Prepare what you’re going to wear and take for lunch. In the evenings, have the meals planned for a week, write them down and stick to it.

Make sure that everything you need is properly placed. This way, you won’t waste endless hours looking for missing items. You’ll think more clearly and feel calmer when your surroundings are clean and in order.

Take a Breather.

We cannot stress the importance of making some time for yourself, enough. We get it that your time is extremely limited, but if you take out some time for yourself, you’ll realize that not only are you a lot calmer but also happier.

The stress that a working mother goes through is enough to take a huge toll on anyone. Whether it is getting someone to look after the kid for an hour each day or having your partner take up sole responsibility for an hour will refresh you and help you become an even better mother.

Maintain a Strong Network of Contacts.

If you feel that the world has dwindled down to just work and home, then you aren’t alone. Most working moms feel exactly the same. The solution can be to develop strong contacts with other women who are also trying to balance work and family. A strong support group can help you cope with common stressors in both areas of your life.

You should also work hard to maintain your business contacts. While priorities can change drastically after having a child, keep in mind that networking is extremely important for the future of your career. You may not have the time to stay in touch as often as you did before the baby arrived, but make sure that you do not wait for a long time to reconnect.

Ask Yourself What You Can Do Differently.

You’ve got to learn to ask yourself objectively: “What can I do differently to get more quality sleep-time and relaxation?” Ask yourself if you can break away at lunch to exercise at the gym or if you can fit in the time to read fun novels at night rather than catching up on paperwork.

It is important to know your own body – it will tell you if you’re not getting enough daily sleep or relaxation. You will want to avoid getting to a point where you feel completely burned out – many working moms do not realize that this may lead to a long-term physical condition which can permanently affect their lives. Bottom line: get enough sleep yourself so you can care for your precious loved ones.

Stay Connected to Your Partner.

One of the biggest problems working women face is maintaining their relationships with their spouses. It is crucial to remember that couple-commitments should be distinct from family relationships. Date night is important irrespective of the age of your children. This will ensure that your partner doesn’t feel ignored and it will lead to a more fulfilling and enriching relationship.

Working moms are amazing multi-taskers who fulfill many roles. We hope that these tips will help you out in your never-ending quest to find balance. At the end of the day, however, it is important that you give yourself credit about all you’ve done and accomplished.