6 Ways for New Mommies to Enjoy ‘Me’ Time

Your little bundle of joy has finally arrived and you couldn’t be more excited and more…..TIRED. It’s true that motherhood is a beautiful experience but it is also a tedious one and sometimes an extremely stressful one. This is something so many just seem to gloss over.

To cope with this stress and in order to ready yourself for the days ahead, Prega News has some absolutely amazing ideas that will help you unwind:



Yes, you probably did yoga when you were pregnant but believe us when we say this, “Yoga without that extra weight can really do wonders for you!” Leave behind the stress and ‘Breath’ – We know you probably hate the word right now but Breath in the relaxation and breathe out the stress and you will be fresh as a daisy in no time.


A great workout session is the perfect way to wake up to. Your body tends to relax more and those extra stretches does wonders for your muscles and body. Earphones in, music on and the world is left behind for that hour that you decide to give yourself a much-needed workout. It leaves you feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead. Just don’t get too enthusiastic lest you leave yourself feeling breathless at the end of it. Plus, you also lose that baby fat too.


One of the best ways to take out some ‘Me’ time is to involve someone to share that time with you. We know it sounds ironic but it works. Call a friend or better yet video call your bestie and watch the magic unfold. Nothing feels better than talking to a close friend and discussing your favourite books, movies etc. Conversations are a form of expression and you will feel at ease once you can share your love for similar points of discussion


Start your week by scheduling a ‘Spa Day’. This is perhaps the best ‘Me’ time you can get all through the week. The soulful music, the pampering, the aromatic oils –  what more could one ask for? The best part about a spa session is that it is completely silent as you relax and float off to another world. Limit this activity to once a week otherwise the novelty attached to it wears down pretty soon.


Need we say more? Every woman’s ideal time to pampering herself is to splurge and get herself something new at the mall or her favourite bazaar. Shopping can be an excellent stress reliever though it might be short and since you are shopping alone, you tend to pamper yourself a bit more with that extra pair of earrings or a fancy lunch or even something as small as a nail spa.


That’s right. We saved the best for the last. Sleep because you need to catch up on it. Sleep your troubles away, your stress away and wake up to happiness every morning, evening or daytime. The best way to really delve into guilty pleasure as a new mommy is to find or rather make time to sleep. Sleep as much as you can because soon enough you will be needed by a little one who won’t be able to sleep without you by their side.

We hope you enjoyed this list and would love to hear what your ideal ‘Me’ time activities are. You can always log onto our Facebook page or Twitter page to hear the latest tips and tricks and loads of joy of being a mother.