6 Tips to make your baby’s bath time fun

Ask any parent and they’ll attest to how much effort it takes to bathe a baby. Many children hate taking showers and, boy, do they let their parents know it! If you want bath time to be stress-free and relaxing, it is important to make the time enjoyable to brighten up your baby’s mood.

1. Make it enjoyable

The first few baths with your newborn may seem tricky. However, once you get used to holding the tiny, slippery child, bath time can be a great way to bond. That is why even if your child does not like bath time, you should try different games and activities and see which ones bring a smile on your little one’s face. Make it so fun that he/she will not want to leave the tub!

2. Sing while you soap up

Experts say that for a baby, bathing is an extremely big sensory experience. If you want to make it even more enjoyable, bring out the inner singer in you and croon away! Don’t hold yourself from clapping and doing a silly dance – your toddler will love it. You will also be expanding your child’s music and language skills.

3. Tickle the senses

Like we said earlier, bathing is a very sensory experience for your child and that is why your toddler will get a kick out of touching different textures. From using a bath sponge to a wet washcloth let your kid enjoy the different textures. If they are old enough to grasp, you could hand them different types of sponges to play with.

4. Join in the fun

If your baby is wary of water, jump into the tub with them. Toddlers relish skin-to-skin contact with their parents — it also intensifies bonding, and it’s just plain relaxing for many parents. Plus, being close to your baby will help them feel secure as they adjust to the sensation of the water, and it will make it easier for you to clean otherwise hard-to-reach crevices.

5. Unleash the toys

There are many bath time toys that your toddler will love. Buy toys that combine bath time fun with building your child’s skills. From rubber ducks that encourage imagination to plastic cups, which teach children about filling and pouring, you’ll be spoilt for choice. You can also boost the learning with some fun commentating and singing.

6. Bust out the bubbles

All kids enjoy popping bubbles! From watching them float in the air and feeling them pop in on their fingers and/or nose, babies love bubbles. There are many small toys that can make bubbles, use a few and watch your toddler raring to hit the tub for bath time! When they can grasp, teach them to blow the bubbles on their own!

Make bath time a part of the routine, not just for your child but for the both of you. With a little planning and preparation, bath time can become one of those precious moments that every parent will treasure.