6 Beauty Products to Ditch during Pregnancy

Every woman loves to look her best and feel her best. From styling to their makeup, they want it all to be on point. Makeup is an essential aspect of adding that extra bit of Oomph to their overall beauty. But when it comes to pregnancy, some of these beauty products can do quite a number on your skin as well as your baby.
Prega News wants to make sure that no beauty product leaves you with a scar whether literal or figuratively speaking. As we care for you and your little one, we have got a list of Beauty Products that you should avoid during your pregnancy.

1. Luxury Bath Products

No matter how much you love those luxurious bathing products which make you feel like an aroma queen during your bathing session, the fact that they are very harmful to you and your baby cannot be ignored. Bathing products such as shower gels or creams contain chemicals that can cause severe allergies. Instead of that, use products which are specially formulated for infants or products which are made from natural ingredients.

2. Nail paints/Nail colours

The huge variety of colours for nail paints definitely lures you to buy them, but you should not! Nail paints have high and dangerous chemicals as their ingredients which can cause serious problems. A survey has also found that people working in nail salons have a spontaneous rate of abortions and birth defects. So instead of getting yourself into trouble with those painted nails, go au naturel!

3. Skin Whitening

The products that you use over skin for lightening and whitening contains many harmful chemicals. The majority of the skin whitening products contains harmful chemicals like lead and mercury which not only darken the areas exposed to the products but also can cause skin cancer. So for the safety of your soft skin and your baby, ditch the chemical filled skin whitening products.

4. Chemical Hair Removal

Being hair free is another means of making you feel beautiful and there are various ways through which you go all hair free. But using hair removal creams especially over *those areas* will lead to some dangerous after effects. Hair removal creams contain thioglycolic acid which is used for removing hairs from your body and is very harsh and reactive for your skin. It will not only darken the area exposed to these cream but will also harm the little baby developing inside you.

5. Perfumes

It may come out as a shock but the perfume or deo that has been your signature fragrance is actually harming your body. Many perfumes and deos contain phthalates as carriers. Though there is a wide range of phthalates, out of which some may be less harmful but these ingredients have the potential for reproductive toxicity. Phthalates affect the growth and development of the fetus and are considered dangerous even with a slight exposure of it during pregnancy.

6. Hair Colour


Even though there isn’t any research or study present which shows that hair colors or dyes are harmful to your pregnancy, they can still cause some serious harm to your body. Hair colours have chemical substances which cause irritation and allergy in your body. It is highly recommended that you wait to colour your hair until the second trimester. As by then the critical stage of your baby’s organ development are completed. Also, make sure that the colour doesn’t come in contact with your scalp as most of the coloring agents are absorbed into your body system through the skin.

As the pregnancy is one of the best phases of your life, Prega News would never want anything harmful to happen to you or your little bundle of joy. Taking care of the usage of these mentioned beauty products will definitely be a step to keep you safe.
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