The best part of a woman’s life is when her little one enters this world and she becomes more than a woman – she becomes a mom. But ever so often mommies end up committing blunders that they many, including themselves, believe they shouldn’t. We at Prega News, India’s best pregnancy test kit are here to say that it is FINE to make these mistakes.

No pregnancy guide will tell you that you are wrong because everyone makes a mistake when it’s their first time being the best mommy in the world.


New mothers tend to get carried away with buying everything that’s available on this planet for their baby. From bottle warmers to 10 extra pacifiers and more. From the moment they look up a baby calendar, they begin a buying spree – this is fine because you never know when that extra pram might come in handy.


You are done with the pregnancy tips, the pregnancy diet and now you have your little one with you. Now the worrying starts – from checking their temperature ten times a day to calling the paediatrician every second, new mommies worry – this is fine because your motherly instincts are kicking in and it’s a good sign.


One ear in your bedroom and the other ear on your baby monitor. A new mommy is ready to jump up at the slight whimper from their baby. This is fine – it is one of the foremost steps of understanding why your baby cries and what makes them comfortable.


A new mommy never wants their baby out of their sight. They want the baby to be sticking to them always and never want to share. This is fine – after all he/she is ‘YOUR’ baby and you have all the right to be a bit sticky to them. Also babies love the attention.


You are bound to have countless diaper disaster. Forgetting to pack extras, putting them on backwards etc. This will happen and this is fine – Practice makes perfect and it’s okay to goof up. You weren’t born changing diapers – you were wearing them.


Every mom tries their level best to get their babies out of the habit of using pacifiers and this can be a hard task. They feel that this is their life’s duty. This is fine – No one is judging you because you are trying to be the perfect mom and it takes time.


Every mother starts of thinking that they are doing everything wrong. Putting on diapers, feeding your baby, buying toys etc – everything is a potential mistake to happen. This is fine once again because you are bound to make mistakes. It is from these mistakes that you will become the perfect mommy.

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Motherhood is a life-altering step for a woman and the stages to reach Motherhood more often than naught, are some of the most daunting ones. From sticking to a pregnancy diet to reading a pregnancy guide, a soon-to-be mom will have to be aware of her new arrival and prepare well in advance.
But you shouldn’t worry too much as Prega News, India’s best pregnancy test is ready to give you the best pregnancy tips which you should know before going into labour.


Perhaps the very first step that a woman can do is enrol for Pregnancy Childbirth classes. Search for qualified instructors where you can get the best knowledge regarding the arrival of your little one and how to cope with it. These classes often divulge information like breathing techniques and are great for letting off all that steam.


Breastfeeding will be an essential part of yours and your baby’s life in the initial stages. Brush up about all the vital steps you must take to keep your body healthy, the kind of pregnancy diet you should follow, regular exercise and more. It will help you ease into the process faster. For more info on some of the best breastfeeding positions, check here: https://preganews.com/5-best-breastfeeding-positions/


Before you go into labour, don’t forget to choose the perfect delivery options for you and your baby. Finding the doctor you trust, her knowledge about pregnancy, her qualifications and experience in the field all help in the long run. The next step is booking the ideal hospital, something which is close to your home, easily accessible and has great/quick response rate. Planning will only make life easier.


The hospital bag is something that is generally overlooked and mostly forgotten at home during labour. Make sure you have all the essentials ready and packed before the big day arrives. Here’s a great tip: Pack an extra bag and leave it in the car in case you leave the other one behind in a hurry.


You are all ready to deliver your baby but did you check for a good pediatrician for him/her? Don’t forget to consult doctors and take advice on choosing the best pediatrician for your bundle of joy. It makes a huge difference knowing that your baby’s health is in good hands.
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Breastfeeding – the very mention of the term might send mothers into confusion as to how and where to start. Believe us when we say this, it’s natural but it also takes time for you to understand how and what position is best for you and your baby.
A lot of time, practice and error will lead to you completely comprehending the beauty of breastfeeding and you will be happier at the end of it all. Prega News, India’s best pregnancy test is here to help you about how to make breastfeeding a less daunting task without having to look for a pregnancy guide.



Mother’s give this position their very first preference as it is easier for them to understand what their baby is doing while latching. It is also one of the basic positions that mom’s prefer to use in public as it is easy and comfortable. To use this position, bring your baby across, tummy to tummy while your right arm supports his head and left arm your breast. A good way to add comfort is to utilize a breastfeeding pillow to ease the weight.



The cradle position is mostly similar to the cross cradle position. The only difference being that your right hand will be supporting your baby when they are breastfeeding. This position is a popular choice in the initial few weeks where you’re still trying to get a hang of the beauty of motherhood.



This position is often called the clutch hold due to the type of placement you make. As the name suggests, in this position you cradle your baby or tuck him under your arm to the side like football while supporting your breast with the other arm. This position is great for c-section moms as there is less rubbing on the incision. A pillow adds to the comfort as well.


Perhaps a less preferred position but a relaxing one for sure, this position should be attempted while in bed. Lie down on your side while your baby faces you. Your baby will nurse from the breast that is on the bed. The benefit here is that moms get a break from holding their baby and it helps with c-section moms as well.



This position needs a bit of work from the mother’s end but eventually is great to practice. Have your baby sit upright on your lap, support your baby with your arm while your baby is feeding and support your breast with the other. This position is closely related to the football hold as well.
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Your little bundle of joy has finally arrived and you couldn’t be more excited and more…..TIRED. It’s true that motherhood is a beautiful experience but it is also a tedious one and sometimes an extremely stressful one. This is something so many just seem to gloss over.

To cope with this stress and in order to ready yourself for the days ahead, Prega News has some absolutely amazing ideas that will help you unwind:



Yes, you probably did yoga when you were pregnant but believe us when we say this, “Yoga without that extra weight can really do wonders for you!” Leave behind the stress and ‘Breath’ – We know you probably hate the word right now but Breath in the relaxation and breathe out the stress and you will be fresh as a daisy in no time.


A great workout session is the perfect way to wake up to. Your body tends to relax more and those extra stretches does wonders for your muscles and body. Earphones in, music on and the world is left behind for that hour that you decide to give yourself a much-needed workout. It leaves you feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead. Just don’t get too enthusiastic lest you leave yourself feeling breathless at the end of it. Plus, you also lose that baby fat too.


One of the best ways to take out some ‘Me’ time is to involve someone to share that time with you. We know it sounds ironic but it works. Call a friend or better yet video call your bestie and watch the magic unfold. Nothing feels better than talking to a close friend and discussing your favourite books, movies etc. Conversations are a form of expression and you will feel at ease once you can share your love for similar points of discussion


Start your week by scheduling a ‘Spa Day’. This is perhaps the best ‘Me’ time you can get all through the week. The soulful music, the pampering, the aromatic oils –  what more could one ask for? The best part about a spa session is that it is completely silent as you relax and float off to another world. Limit this activity to once a week otherwise the novelty attached to it wears down pretty soon.


Need we say more? Every woman’s ideal time to pampering herself is to splurge and get herself something new at the mall or her favourite bazaar. Shopping can be an excellent stress reliever though it might be short and since you are shopping alone, you tend to pamper yourself a bit more with that extra pair of earrings or a fancy lunch or even something as small as a nail spa.


That’s right. We saved the best for the last. Sleep because you need to catch up on it. Sleep your troubles away, your stress away and wake up to happiness every morning, evening or daytime. The best way to really delve into guilty pleasure as a new mommy is to find or rather make time to sleep. Sleep as much as you can because soon enough you will be needed by a little one who won’t be able to sleep without you by their side.

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Babies love their sleep but they hate it when their sleepy time is disturbed by elements that are out of their control. Lucky for them, they have you to prevent this from happening. There are many ways you can help your little bundle of joy take a quiet, pleasant nap without attracting unwanted grumpiness.

Prega News counts down to some of the best ways you can help your little one sleep better.


One of the most important things to keep in mind is to set a proper time for your baby to sleep at. Erratic timings do not help your baby to develop a healthy sleeping timetable, it also doesn’t allow you to catch up on sleep. We understand that babies don’t necessarily sleep 8 complete hours like adults do but if you set a schedule early on, you can inculcate short naps into the day which will help your baby feeling relaxed and happy.


Setting the temperature in the room where your baby sleeps should be your next step. Your baby hasn’t got used to the outside world and slight dips and highs in the room temperature can leave them either ill or uncomfortable. This is something you do not want. Try and keep the room cool but not cold. 68-72 Fahrenheit is perfect temperature for your baby to get the ideal sleep.


Next step is switching off the lights. You may find this weird but many parents prefer to leave a dim light on so that they can check on their little tyke if they are awake. It’s a good strategy – for the parents and not for the baby. When a baby tries to sleep, even the slightest distraction can keep him awake, so removing light from the equation will surely help him sleep easily without sleeping out of exhaustion.


Clutter is something that destroys the purity of sleep. A room that is cluttered and messy always attracts your baby’s attention. They will remain confused whether the room is meant for sleeping or as a playpen. Keep your baby’s sleep room clutter free and do away with the negative vibes that a messy room normally brings with it.

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5 Ways to Keep Your Kid Safe During Holi

The festival of colours and joy is around the corner and just like your child, you are excited about it too. Holi not only brings togetherness and happiness but also channels up the excitement level. Amidst the colours, ‘Gulal’, water, dancing…. there is loads of fun to be had. But you shouldn’t forget that any festival can be a bit unsafe for your children if not kept under check.  Keeping this in mind, Prega News have listed down the top 5 ways which will help your little bundle of joy have a happy and safe Holi.

1. Eyes Wide Shut

Kids are super energetic and just in a blink, they can go away from your sight which can lead to a lot of ruckus during all the fun of Holi. While they are covered in colour, you can easily lose a track of them and can possibly mistake someone else’s kid as yours while your little one goes uncharted. Always keep an eye on your child’s whereabouts, where they are playing etc. Besides water guns and ‘Pichkaris’, there are coloured water tubs which could be dangerous if your kid takes a fall into it.

2. See No Colour, Taste No Colour

Colours can be harmful for your kid if it enters their eyes or mouth. In the case where the colour enters their eyes, rinse it immediately with plenty of clean water. Do not let them rub their eyes as the chemicals present in the colours will only make things worse. Consult a doctor if the redness or irritation in eyes gets worse If your child accidentally swallows the colour, immediately make your kid rinse his/her mouth with plenty of clean water.

3. Stay Organic, Stay Happy

Nowadays the colours that you get in the market are filled with toxic chemicals that could be dangerous for you and your little one. These toxic chemical filled colours can cause skin diseases and eye infections. Make sure that the colour you buy for Holi is Organic or Herbal and is safe. You can easily buy skin friendly organic and herbals colours in the market or on online as well.

4. Balloons are a NO NO

Playing with and throwing water balloons at each other can be a lot of fun, but it could also be painful. When thrown at the person (knowingly or not) they can cause ear, eye or skin injuries which could be really painful. Children should avoid playing with water balloons and instead should use ‘Pichakaris’ or Waterguns to enjoy their Holi.

5. Stay Aware, Stay Prepared

No matter how safe you play, there could be one misfortunate incident during Holi. You should be ready for any of such unexpected emergencies. Keep a list of doctors who could be contacted during any emergencies. Also, keep a lot of colour free, clean and fresh water ready for rinsing mouth and eyes.

By keeping track of the above-mentioned ways, your little one will enjoy their festival safely and without any hassles. Browse through our website for more parenting and motherhood tips.