Preganews Pack Contains:

One card – For the easy detection of pregnancy
One dropper – To collect the drops of urine
Silica granules – These do not play a role in pregnancy
detection, but they absorb the moisture so that the card
doesn’t get spoilt.


How To Use:

1. Add 3 drops of urine in the circular area known as “Sample well”.
2. Wait for 5 minutes to know the results
3. After 5 minutes, if 2 pink lines appear, the result is POSITIVE.
4. If one pink line appears, the result is NEGATIVE
5. If one dark pink and one light pink line appear in the card (this might
be because there is not sufficient amount of HCG hormone in the urine
collected), so in that case repeat the test again next morning and do so
preferably with the morning urine.

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